Energy Savings with LED Bulbs–A Bright Idea for the Home {eco-tips}

LED bulb


We’ve recently begun to change our light bulbs from the CFL bulbs we’ve used for a couple of years now to the even more energy efficient LED variety.  Because we have a lot of lights in our home and LED bulbs are pricey, we are making the transition slowly and beginning with the lights that are most used.  To date we’ve replaced the recessed lighting in the living room and kitchen and the bulbs in some of our table lamps.  We will continue to make our transition over time and in order to help us make our decision to switch we used this calculator: which you may find helpful as well.

Price ranges for the same watt bulbs vary so it pays to do your research before purchasing.  We found, for our recessed lights, the best price to be found was from Costco.  A search on “LED light bulbs”  (which I conducted for replacement bulbs in other fixtures) will call up numerous sites with varying prices and I found it to be rather overwhelming.  I searched about 5 sites and made my choice from among those 5 sites.

Led bulbs last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs and longer than CFLs and they don’t have any hazards associated with disposal as do CFLs because of their mercury content.  Another feature we appreciate about LED vs CFL is that the bulbs don’t require time to “warm up” and are instantly glowing at full power when turned on.  We have had problems with CFL lights in outdoor locations during cold weather due to their not operating well in lower temperatures but we’ve not experienced any difficulty with the LEDs.

We won’t be replacing ALL of the bulbs in our house immediately.  The initial cost factor is prohibitive and the disposal of CFL bulbs is problematic. Our intention is to keep the CFLs in fixtures that are not regularly used for long periods at a time until they need to be replaced some years in the future.  We will also replace our outdoor CFL flood lights in order to gain better lighting performance in cold weather.

By October 1, 2016 incandescent bulbs will be banned in the U.S.  If you slowly begin replacing yours now with more energy efficient LEDs, you can avoid the sticker shock of having to replace all of your bulbs at once and start enjoying the savings immediately.


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  1. yeah!!! that’s what LED has made up in market, its benefits and applications like energy saving or using in led signs and many more ,are so huge that its been everywhere nowadays.

  2. This is a great tip – the idea of replacing them slowly. I have a couple of small desk lamps that are LED and find them to be perfect work lights. However, my husband does not like the sort of light they give for, say, the dining room. Says they are too harsh. I like that they can be dimmed.

    • There are some that are too harsh but some have coatings so that they’re not. From my experience, one has to look at several kinds and (unfortunately) visit different locations to do so. I have put the coated lights from Costco in my family room and kitchen. They’re not harsh at all even though they’re very bright.