Green Living – Tutorial – upcycle old tees into underwear.

Here’s a great tutorial for turning those old teeshirts we all have laying about into something new and fun!

First, you need a pair of panties you like, parchment paper, scissors, pins and a stack of old tees:

Trace the outline of the panties onto the parchment paper, leaving room for seam allowances. This pair is the “boyshort” style, so it has seams in the front and back. For this style you need two front halves, two backs, and two layers for the center panel.

Parchment paper is great, because you can see thru it to position any design from the shirt right where you want it! Use pattern weights or pins and cut out your pieces.

Stitch your center seams together first, to form the front and back, (if you have center seams) and then pin the panel to the back bottom, sew, repeat with front section.

sew your side seams, then trim if you aren’t using a serger. (I’m using a serger stitch on a regular sewing machine. You can also use a zig zag stitch, but be careful not to pull the fabric thru the presser foot or it will bunch up in the finished product.)

Now take the second panel cutout and stitch it in place, covering the first set of seams. (This step is optional, but I think it makes them more comfortable)

After the panel is in place, run a stretch zigzag stitch around the leg openings. T-shirt fabric does not fray, but I think this makes the finished product look better, and keep it’s shape longer.


Finally, turn over 1/4″ at the waist, and stitch a narrow piece of elastic inside the fold. Pull the elastic slightly while you are sewing, and again use a stretch zigzag stitch.

Ta Da!
boyshort10 boyshort11

(If you want to view the whole set on Flickr, just click here)

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  1. I totally love this!!Well written,and such a good idea!
    Aloha :)

  2. Great idea

  3. I am so loving this and have a million old tees to practice on. In fact my husband was about to ship all his old ones to Goodwill but now I’m rescuing them for this. Thanks for a great fun tutorial!