It’s 2013! Forget Resolutions. Start New Year Routines

Happy New Year to all our fabulous readers and my fellow EcoEtsy teamies!  Can you believe it’s already 2013.  We’ve managed to survive quite a few apocalypses so, I hope that you all enjoyed your New Years celebration and are close to being completely recuperated. Now, I bet y’all made a bunch of half-hearted New Years resolution and if you are like most people those resolutions will be ditched just as quickly as they were made.  I say that this year we all ditch our New Years resolutions and pick up some New Year Routines.

New Year resolutions are hard to keep, they are usually made with great enthusiasm, but the reason we all tend to ditch them is because we have no real motivation to achieve them or they are just so BIG that it’s hard to figure out where to start them.  New Year ROUTINES, are a bit easier to adapt to – WHY?  Well routines are things we do without thinking.  In order to turn something into a routine, it must become part of the things you do every day.

For example, going to bed and waking up in the morning are routine, so is breathing {although they are also both necessities as well – heck we can’t stop breathing now can we?}  Here’s a better example, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is head straight for the bathroom and handle my bathroom routine – I empty my bladder, wash my hands, brush my teeth, wash my face, do something quick with my hair. throw on some clothes, then I wipe down the sink, give the commode a quick wipe down and swish and spray my shower.  I’m literally in and out of the bathroom in under 10 minutes – it’s part of my daily routine, I just do it. The cleaning up of the bathroom was part of a New Years resolution I made over 20 years ago – a resolution that I ditched and made it a routine – something I just do automatically.  I even do this when I’m away from home out of habit.

You can have a different routine for different days – I tend to do this with house cleaning, my Etsy Orders, even my EcoEtsy blog post writing. By chunking down tasks into manageable small bits and making them routines ensure that you reach your overall goal.

So let’s say that this year you made the same resolution this year you’ve made over the years only to never achieve it.  This year it’s time to take a different approach – I tend to oversimplify things by putting them into 3 simple steps – Thing it, Scheme it, Do it.   Your resolution is no longer a resolution, it’s a destination, a goal. Now take my three simple steps and put them into action:

Step #1 – Think It

If you’ve made your resolution, you’ve already completed the first step.  Now just write it down on a piece of paper or better yet cut out pictures to remind you of your goal and move on to Step 2.

Step #2 Scheme It

Ok so if you feel you’re not a schemer, then you can call this step planning.  But I don’t want you to go nuts writing a 50 page plan here.  I want you to figure out 3 things that you can do on a daily, every other day or weekly basis as part of a routine.  Make these something easy to do – something you don’t have to put too much effort into.

For example, last year I tried to fit going to the gym on a daily basis into my routine.  It struggled to fit it into my schedule for 3 months because it ate literally 2.5 hours out of my day – I threw on my gym clothes, drove to the gym and worked out every day – however, the whole time I would think about the other things that were part of my normal routine that I was putting off and I was miserable and things started falling behind for me, so I ditched the routine. Going to the gym was a huge routine change for me and I wasn’t able to easily manage it.  Make it easy for yourself.

Step #3 Do It

Once you have figure out the three routines you will add to your schedule  – it’s just time to “just do it” (in the infamous words of Nike). It’s simple as that.  But you do have to be sure to do the tasks as you scheduled them. This year I’m opting for a walk around my neighborhood in the evening everyday – doesn’t require too much effort or change in my normal routine – it’s something I can easily fit into my schedule.

That’s it. It’s that simple.  So now let’s get into New Routines this years.  Would love to hear about your routines and how they work for you.

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  1. I went all out this year and started a notebook of all my 2013 goals and how I will achieve them! I made a list of the things I would like to add to my routine and it’s been going FABULOUS.

    – yoga for at LEAST 10 minutes a day
    – use oregano to clean my teeth and gums every day
    – eat greens and a fermented food every day
    – drink MORE water. (moving towards 6, then 8, glasses a day)
    – drink tea daily

    All is going well so far! I too love the idea of adding a routine.

  2. Love it Bonnie! You can do it.

  3. OK I think I can do this.
    Get back to regular walking.
    Think about why before I eat something.
    Write daily, even just a little.