Crafty Tutorial – How to Make a Necktie Minibag

Happy Saturday! The necktie hoarder is back with a shiny new tutorial to dispel the winter blahs. And, to make the day even more entertaining, you can enter to win the very bag created in this tutorial! Read through to the end – you’ll get there…

This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of machine sewing and requires a sewing machine with two handy features: free-arm and zigzag stitch. As always, if you don’t have a necktie at hand, check your local thrift shop – you will find many! Let’s get started…

Here’s what you’ll need (pictured below):

  1. One necktie
  2. Two pieces of non-fraying scrap fabric (such as fleece, felt, or t-shirt knit) about 9 inches square
  3. One long boot lace (52 inches is good)
  4. One button


You are going to zigzag stitch your necktie to itself in a spiral, as demonstrated in the photos below. Use the thickness of your machine’s free-arm as a guide, but aim for a 12-14 inch circumference. Don’t fret about measuring – the free-arm can be a good guide.


Set the zigzag to a fairly wide stitch to catch up both edges of the tie and a fairly dense stitch so that it holds well and does not come undone.


Just keep stitching until you get to the end of the tie.


Here’s the resultant spiral – pretty cool! Now turn your tie spiral inside-out and lay it flat on the table so that the wide end of the tie lays flat, as shown below. With a straight edge and some chalk, mark a straight line across the bottom and straight stitch it across. I always do two lines of stitching to make it extra secure.


Once stitched, trim off the excess fabric.


Turn your spiral (which is now magically morphing into a minibag) right side out. Cut a 4-inch piece off the end of your boot lace, reserving the rest of it to use as a shoulder strap. Fold this 4-inch piece into a loop and stitch it to the underside of the tie, as shown, about an inch from the corner.


Lay out your two pieces of fabric on top of each other (or folded if you have one large piece) – this will be the lining. Lay the minibag atop the fabric and trace it around with chalk. Pin and cut just outside the chalk line.


Straight stitch the two pieces together around the two sides and the bottom (as shown below), just inside the chalk line.  Adjust the seam width as needed to allow the lining to fit nicely inside the minibag.


The top extension is meant only for the side of the lining that corresponds to the point of the tie (which, as you have figured out by now, is the minibag’s flap). So, cut off the excess fabric on the side where it’s not needed. Get it? I think the picture below tells the story.


Slip the lining into the minibag and pin it all around the top edges. Do not get frustrated by a non-perfect edge. The beauty of non-fraying fabric is the freedom to trim it afterwards for a nice, clean edge.


Don’t forget the shoulder strap! Before you start stitching, slip the ends of the remaining boot lace between the bag and lining, at either side. NOW you can stitch all around the top edge and flap, catching the boot lace in the stitching. Hint: double or triple stitch over the boot lace the make sure it holds well.


As mentioned above, don’t worry about those extra sticky-outy bits – now that you’ve stitched, you can carefully trim off the excess. Another hint: cut slowly and carefully and use the sharpest shears you own.


Choose a perfect button, sew it in place, and you are done!


Your minibag is perfect for holding the quick essentials (phone, keys, cash, cards) and can be worn cross body or just on the shoulder. With a shorter boot lace it’s a great bag for a little girl.


Easy (well, not too difficult…) and fun (most definitely!). Transform a cold winter day into a perfect opportunity for a Valentine’s Day gift project.

Want to win this cute bag?
A random winner will be chosen on 8 February 2013.

Happy crafting!


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  1. I love the idea!This is a great way to reuse a tie!
    Great tutorial!Thank you for sharing this!

  2. This is great! If only I could “borrow” some of my husband’s ties that really don’t match anything in his wardrobe, but would make a cute minibag.

    • Loretta, I have loads of ties in my stash and if you want any, have a look in my shop – I have a few batches for sale (cheap cheap) and can always sort you out something.

  3. Cute, easy and reusing. Great job!

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  6. I can’t even imagine attempting to make this… I totally love them, but I’m afraid of my sewing machine! Something about sewing just really gets my panties in a twist. :b I love your work & thanks for just going for it with this giveaway! :) Fun stuff!

    • Linda Everett says:

      HAHA! I understand. I get scared of my sewing machine too. As much as I love it, I sometimes think it’s possessed!

      • haha!!! I just have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to sewing. I can crochet all day long and come up with any pattern right out of my head.. but sewing is totally out of this world to me! I have much respect for those of you who do it and I support you!! :) With folks like me, you’ll always be in business!

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