Seed Swap Day

The last Saturday of January is National Seed Swap day in the US.  Search google for a seed swap near you and get ready to make some trades.  If you are in Canada or Britain you can also search for Seedy Sundays.  Local seed trading is the best, because you can find seeds from plants that are well acclimated to your climate.  If you can’t find a seed swap near you, there are many great online seed trading venues.

A few online sites where I have traded include: Garden Web, Dave’s Garden, and the Seed Savers Group on Facebook.

If you would like to get started saving seeds to swap but aren’t sure how, check out the website How to Save Seeds.  It has a great handbook which covers individual vegetable seeds.  You can also check out this archived Webinar from Seed on how to save seeds.

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Cory Trusty – who has written posts on Eco Etsy.
Cory Trusty is an herbalist, homeschooling mom, organic gardener, and soap maker. Her background is in Cell and Molecular Biology study at the University of Washington followed by Masters study at a Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute. Aquarian Bath offers quality products with no artificial chemical fragrances or dyes and no GMOs.



  1. Thank you all for the comments! I just came home from a seed swap that I hosted at the library. The library is a great venue for it.

  2. Great idea!For me sharing seeds is like sharing your garden!

  3. We just had a local seed swap here in town a couple weeks ago! It’s so much fun getting together with other like-minded folks and sharing your seeds to get something new! :)

    I say, if there are no seed swaps happening in your area, start one! You can advertise it on craigslist, at local stores, word of mouth, or even start a meetup group on!

  4. Thanks for this very informative post! I find that seed saving is also very enjoyable and calming in this fast paced era in which we live.