Should you go into business with your best friend?

Sometimes you just can’t do it all by yourself. You have to create your items to sell, advertise, network, social media marketing, accounting, package, ship, and reply to customers’ emails….arrrgh. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner to help you with some of these tasks? Or sometimes you need financial support. Or sometimes you and your BFF come up with a great idea and want to start a business together. Is it wise to take a chance in potentially ruining your friendship?

I have been very VERY lucky to partner with Mary in operating Herban Crafts. We live in different cities but we divide our duties and it’s been great working with her. It helps that our belief and philosophies are the same. I’ve been also very fortunate to work with Anna Hackman of Green-Talk, who co-founded Green Sisterhood with me and who shares my vision of changing the market and educating consumers about green companies through content marketing. It’s a blast to work with her. We hangout on Google so we can conference daily. We laugh a lot so working together never gets boring.

Tiffany Norton started working with her mother for Picnic Basket Crafts and she can’t stop talking about how she LOVES working with her mother. She is a full time teacher so having a partner who can help with her shop is a huge plus for her business. And besides, who doesn’t love working with their mothers? Ok, some don’t but most of us are envious of a situation like Tiffany’s.

So, how do you work with a partner? Should you even partner with your friend? or your mother?

Here is Marie Forleo’s take on whether you should partner with your BFF or your mother.

Do YOU have a partner for your business? How is your experience?

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  1. Hi Karen! It’s true, I love partnering with my mom. Definitely the smartest business decision I ever made. We laid down some agreements very early on about how we would divide the work and other norms we needed to adhere to, to keep our business relationship and family relationship balanced and healthy. My advice to anyone considering partnership – have the hard conversations up front. At school, when we form new teams, we have clearly defined norms and agreements. It should be no different in business, even if (especially if) your teammate is your best friend. By the way, our name change is finally official – we are now JuniperseedMerc on etsy.

  2. I agree Karen, having a partner is great. It helps to have someone to bounce new ideas around with and to help make the day to day work less of a grind. I am lucky enough to work with my Mom. She is an amazing woman and an never ending source of inspiration.