DIY Hook A bracelet – All by Yourself

I love jewelry.   Thinking about it, Designing it, but most of all wearing it.

Some of my favorite pieces are bracelets. These favorite bracelets are also some of my most frustrating accessories  since it is very difficult to get them off and on by myself.

Do you share my annoyance?

Do you sometimes leave the perfect piece of jewelry on your dresser because it is too much trouble to fasten it?

Let me tell you how to make a simple tool, to make wearing bracelets a whole lot easier.

Bracelet Helper Tool


  • one metal clothes hanger
  • one wine cork
  • 10 inches of craft wire
  • one alligator clip (if there are none in your garage these can be found in Hardware stores in the electrical supplies aisle.)
  • wire cutters
  • metal file
  • pliers

Cut the clothes hanger with the wire cutters so that you have a straight piece about 8 inches long.

Push the wine cork onto one end of the 8 inch piece of clothes hanger wire.  Twist it a little so it’s on tight. I try to use the hole that the corkscrew already started.


Place the  other end of the clothes hanger wire into the channel of the alligator clip as pictured.  There will be some small tabs sticking up.  Bend these over with the pliers so that they fit tightly around the clothes hanger wire.


Use the craft wire to wrap the alligator clip onto the coat hanger wire.  Start at the end closest to the clip.


Wrap around the clothes hanger wire and alligator clip keeping the wire tight and the wraps close together.   Wrap for approximately 1 inch. Cut the ends of the wire close to the wrap and file any sharp edges.


To use the Bracelet Helper tool:

Clasp the loop at the end of your bracelet with the alligator clip.

Using your non dominant hand hold the cork end of the tool with your fingers so that the alligator clip is level with the inside of your wrist.

Use your dominant hand to work the clasp and hook the bracelet.


These tools make great gifts for anyone with arthritis of other conditions that make using the hands difficult.  They are a simple project that is suitable for adults and teens.

Once you have made one tool you know the basics.Let your imagination go to work.  Bead them wire wrap them or cover them in ribbon.

How are you going to decorate your bracelet helper?

Bracelet Helper tools.






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  1. These are adorable finished with your fantastic embellishments! None of my bracelets ever give me an issue when I put them on.. I guess I have the easy kind. :) Thanks for sharing this unique idea!

  2. Fun post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That’s pretty neat. I usually design my bracelets with that in mind and usually use toggle clasps exclusively…maybe I’ll have to give that a second thought! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this post. I’m giving this one a try.