DIY Envelope from Recycled Magazine

Happy Monday! Today marks Day 2 of EcoEtsy’s 14 Days of Green Crafting.  Today we’re going to learn how to make a quick envelope from a recycled magazine.  If you’ve purchased from my shop – Herbanluxe – you know that I package all my products in handmade envelopes that I make from recycled magazines.  This craze started for me when my 13 year old daughter began receiving a free subscription from Wine Spectators – what were they thinking?

So I created a short Youtube video that I’ve shared below.  Here’s what you will need to create your own envelopes:

1. Old magazine

2. Double-stick tape or glue or regular tape


I personally, am a washi tape addict, so I like using washi tape on the outside of my envelopes to add some flair.  I also change up the style of my envelopes, my latest has taken on the look of a padded envelope. Here’s another version of my envelopes:

What you need:

1. Old magazine

2. Washi tape (make it pretty please)

3. Stapler


I like to use 3 – 4 magazine pages stacked together.  Just rip them out and then fold one short end up then overlap the other short end and secure in place by slapping a piece of washi tape over the second short end.


Now, you have a tube. Fold one of the tube up about 1/2 in and place 3 staples to hold it down

fold sides

Cover the staples with washi tape – the washi tape is multi-functional in this case: it covers the staples and makes your envelope look pretty.


Place the contents in your envelope and fold and staple the other side, making sure to slap more washi tape on to cover the new staples


and VOILA! you have a fabulous recycled magazine envelope.



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  1. Super simple and fun tutorial, Myra! I was actually thinking of doing an envelope DIY myself. :) You did it very love! The washi tape is so cute.

  2. Thank you I always wanted to try this, especially the padded kind. Maybe I will try lining it with pieces of bubble wrap.
    Washi tape??? Never heard of it but it intrigues me.

  3. OK… what is washi tape?