{Green Living} A Personalized Business Card Holder Made From a T-shirt

If you’ve been looking for the perfect business card holder, have I got the solution for you!  Myra’s post on how to Make Your Own Fabric Labels inspired me to pursue this customized card holder with a few items that I had laying around the house.  Here are the supplies that you’ll need.

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder.02131.  A couple of T-shirts, preferably a white one for printing on and another color for the inside of the holder and one more color for the pockets

2. Freezer Paper and an iron for applying it

3. Bubble Jet Set for setting your print to the T-shirt

4.  A sewing machine

5. Small piece of interfacing

You’ll want to print your design on a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 T-shirt fabric prepared with Bubble Jet Set.  It’ll help the design stay put.  Just follow the instructions on the bottle, soaking the fabric for five minutes and then allowing it to dry.  Once it’s dry you can iron on a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 freezer paper to the T-shirt.  Lay the freezer paper, plastic (shiny) side down and run a medium heat iron across the paper for about 20 seconds.

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder2.0213

The T-shirt is now ready to print on.  Insert it (along with the attached freezer paper) into your printer.  Note that there is a possibility that your printer could jam so be prepared for that.

I used a simple 3 row table in Word to print my design, the middle row is 1/2″ tall (this is where the holder folds).  For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ll be using the design on the right.  But if the orientation of your design is more traditional (as in the design to the left) remember to flip your top design upside down so that it reads right when the finished product is folded in half.

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder9.0213

Once printed remove the freezer paper, trim the design, interface and the remaining two colored T-shirt (I’m using a piece of colorful scrap fabric for one of them) to the same size leaving a 1/2″ seam allowance all the way around.

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder3.0213

Cut the piece of fabric that you intend to use for the pockets in half.  Fold over and iron a seam on each piece.  Then sew the seam down creating a finished edge.

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder4.0213

Then, lay out your fabric pieces in the following order:

1.  First, lay the T-shirt piece for the inside down with the pockets right side up on top of it.  The seams should be facing the center opening.

2.  Lay the printed piece of T-shirt down next, printed side down.

3.  Finally, lay down the interfacing and pin everything into place and sew on three edges.

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder5.0213

Then turn the fabric right side out through the open seam.  Fold and iron the edges of the open seam toward the inside.  Sew it shut and continue to sew all the way around your new business card holder for a consistent look.

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder8.0213

There’s just one thing left to do…add your cards.

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder7.0213

And toss the holder into your purse!

EcoEtsy.Tshirt Business Card Holder6 resized.0213

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  1. So nice! I also have one. But now I have so many business cards so that I cannot keep all in it.
    I am using CF 2.0 on http://cardfila.com. Good job! All of card photos are synchronized with server and downloaded right into your phone.

  2. Hey Tricia!
    Found your post on Pinterest and followed you here. I did these this weekend following the original tutorial post for how to print on Muslin for labels for my shop items. Do you find using the Bubble Jet Set instead of starch for setting the ink makes the print water-proof and machine washable?
    Please let me know before I make an additional purchase for the Bubble Jet Set! Thanks much and thanks for sharing this! I can see many uses up ahead…

    • Hi, Amanda.

      So I actually had some trouble getting my design to stay put (even on muslin) using the starch setting method. I did a little research and found that not all inkjets are created equally which may very well have been my problem. So, I’d say if the starch setting method worked on muslin with your printer it will likely be okay with Tshirt. Maybe just do a test run and see before you make the investment. The Bubble Jet Set worked great for me with very little fading upon washing (the picture I’ve shown was washed according to the BJS instructions before sewing). Hope that helps, and YES I see lots of great uses as well. :)

  3. That looks very cute!

  4. I love this post. I’m marking this one to try it out.