Looking for a Little Inspiration?

Have you ever had the moment where you look around your shop and suddenly realize everything is way too familiar?  You have been producing and selling so fast and furious that nothing new has entered your shop in months.  While you might not be in a design rut, you may be in the mood to freshen things up and add a bit of new energy to your product lineup.

Artists can find inspiration anywhere – from the color of grass on a spring morning to the curve of a seashell on the beach.  You never know when ideas might strike.  Sometimes the push you need can come from pushing yourself to think differently.  Here are a few ideas to get you out of your comfort zone and look at your products through a different lens.

Open a Magazine

Randomly flip open a magazine.  See what the page lands on and look for inspiration.  You may find it in an image, some words in an article or by reading something “between the lines”.  Challenge yourself to consider what you could design thinking about what you see on those pages.  You never know where a good idea might come from!

Take a Walk

This tends to be a popular source of inspiration for artists and writers.  Getting outdoors, smelling the fresh air, and taking in the quiet majesty of the scenery around you can change your perspective on the everyday.  See out shapes and colors that might take your design work in a whole new direction.

Grab a Photo

Similar to the magazine exercise, select a random photo from your album or photo box.  The image might be scenery or people….Full of color or black and white…..Concentrate on the image and see what might get your creative juices flowing.  Maybe a photo of a family member or friend inspires a certain sense of style that you could incorporate into your work.

Match an Occasion

As spring and summer approach, so do events and holidays like – Mothers Day, Easter, Graduation, Fathers Day, Weddings, Baby Showers, Outdoor Parties.  Do you have products in your shop that are “perfect” for these occasions?  If not, brainstorm what you could do to capitalize on the business that floods Etsy for these events.

Search the Web

Head to Pinterest, Google Images, Flickr, or another photo site and search a word that interests you.  See what kind of images pop up on the screen.  If one image catches your eye, use that one as your source of inspiration.


Inspiration can come from anywhere.  The key is to force your brain to think about your shop and products in a way you have never considered before.  Looking through a different lens can be your greatest source of innovation.  This week, make a pledge to try one of these techniques.  Share your inspiration with the team – post links here or in one of the team forums.  I can wait to see the innovative designs you come up with!

Cheers!  Lori of Drinks To Design

Awesome post image by Sonia of Kanelstrand

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