No Bake Shortbread Cookie Crumb Pie Crust

This is the easiest pie crust you will ever make. No baking involved. Just two simple ingredients. Lots of possibilities.

If you made shortbread cookies for the holidays you will have half of what you need. Shortbread keeps for a very long time in a sealed container.

  • 2 cups of fine shortbread cookie crumbs. A little bit on the old side is good it helps make good crumbs.
  • 1 stick of melted butter.














Take a stick of butter and melt over medium heat. Set this aside while you turn your cookies into crumbs. I think a blender does a better job at this than a food processor, but use what you have. Pour your butter into your crumbs and mix thoroughly with a fork. Once it has mixed well pour the mixture into your pie pan and let a cool slightly. Once it is cool but still pliable start pressing the dough into the edges of the pan with your fingers. If it starts sticking to you a good trick is to run cold water over your hands. Dry them and continue pressing. Once you have the sides and bottom evenly covered, chill in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes. Then fill with chocolate pudding, cheesecake or whatever strikes your fancy.
















How would you fill this pie?


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  1. I am going to make a feesh strawberry pie. Think it will work well.

  2. Pink Cloud Pie

  3. Sounds perfect for my homemade lemon curd I have in the fridge right now!

  4. That looks delicious all by itself. I would be tempted to sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar and serve it with berries and whipped cream. Makes me wish I wasn’t on a weight loss plan!