We Have a Winner!

You may recall that about two weeks ago we ran a good ol’ fashioned raffle on the Crafty Tutorial post, where you could enter to win the adorable bag that was made in the tutorial. The raffle was “ol’ fashioned” in the sense that the winner’s name was literally pulled from a hat (I love technology, but RaffleCopter made me dizzy). We had a total of just 13 entries, so the odds were not bad! Thanks so much to everyone who entered the drawing and thanks as well for all the positive feedback on the tutorial.

And the winner is… Deb Cardy!

Congratulations Deb! To claim your prize you’ll need to respond to the email sent to you so we know where to mail your loot.

Keep reading EcoEtsy for more crafty giveaways and loads of great tips for livin’ the green life!


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  1. Congrats!I love using a hat too..I let my ids pick the winner which is so much fun for them!

  2. Congrats Deb Cardy! Yay!

  3. Yay Deb!! I love the bag that was featured in the giveaway. Really nice tutorial too!