DIY Crafts – an ode to Springtime and Easter

It’s hard for me to believe that Spring is already here and April is just a few days away, especially since it just snowed over the weekend and it’s been real cold here in Missouri! It was our heaviest snow of the past couple years and it happened during SPRING, yeesh… We are definitely experiencing a change in weather patterns! I do love the snow and one good thing about the cold weather is that it gives us plenty of time to spend crafting indoors under a nice cozy blanket! What better way to spend a snow day than cuddled up by a fire making Springtime crafts? Dreaming of warm, sunny days when we can go outside and play in our gardens…

With Easter on it’s way and a change of season, it’s a perfect time to freshen up your home with some ec0-friendly Spring Cleaning !!

Fun Easter Crafts


Upcycled Denim Basket Tutorial – The perfect place to store your jelly beans (or matzo balls if you prefer). :)

Are you dying Easter eggs this year? Use fun and easy natural alternatives to food coloring! DIY Natural Easter Egg Dyes

DIY Grocery Bag Easter Basket – you can use this year-round!

Springtime Crafts

The days are getting longer, dandelions and daffodils are blooming all around.. Spring is here! Rejoice in it. Feel the sun on your face. Plant some seeds in the ground. Make beautiful crafts in celebration of the warm days ahead!


DIY Garden Butterfly from a Soda Can

DIY Shredded Paper Seed Starters – These would make awesome gifts for your friends and family! Celebrate Spring with your whole community! :)


Lots of Plant Marker inspiration to label your beautiful garden plants!

How to make a Living Herb Wreath for shade and sunny spots.


Springtime is a time of growth, love, and new beginnings. Let’s get outside and create something beautiful! Do you have any fun springtime crafts to share?

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  1. Dez you have done it again. What a great roundup of ideas. I am so inspired by those plant markers. I think our herb garden will have labels this year.

    • Thank you Bonnie! I’m looking forward to making lots of little signs for our gardens. We don’t have enough art outside, and since I’m an artist it’s just not right! :) I’ll be working on lots of little projects this spring.

  2. I love the corks idea. I have an embarrassing amount of corks lying around. SOmetimes I use them in the tops of potted plants as a sort of mulch to keep water in.

    • I love the cork idea as well! Unfortunately I don’t have very many of them.. I think I’ll be painting rocks and making little signs out of bits of wood to label plants this year. The main reason I label plants is so the community who walks past our little garden becomes more familiar with plants, since we garden at our apartment complex. :)

  3. Very cool – lots of good ideas. I love the paper bag basket – def. trying that one!

  4. LOVE all these crafting ideas! Thanks for the list!

    • Glad you like it Karen! There are some really fun ones in there that I definitely plan on creating. I love all the plant marker ideas especially!