DIY – Things to do with all these storm damaged trees

Today’s craft post is courtesy of Cat Ivens of Olive Bites.

Many people in different areas of the country and world may be trying to figure out this spring what to do with all the trees that have been felled from storms in the past year.

A couple easy-peasy projects are a little side table and chalkboard sign!

DIY Side Table

You will need : a log cut to level, a drill, 4 swivel casters from the hardware store, screws, screwdriver and marking pen.

1. Lay out your swivels fairly close to the edges of the log
2. Mark your drill holes (I actually skipped this step and just drilled through the casters)
3. Drill your screw holes
4. Screw on your casters
5. Flip your table – voila!
Using a slice of wood, a round template and some chalkboard paint – you can make an easy peasy, changeable, chalkboard welcome sign for your front door.

1. Just trace a round template with your marking pen
2. Paint 3-4 coats of chalkboard paint, allowing to dry between each coat
3. Add your welcome (or warning!)


You can find Cat by using the following link:

Olive Bites Studio

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  1. This is a great way to use trunks from fallen trees after Hurricane Sandy…
    A beautiful way to turn something negative into a beautiful home decor …positive!

  2. What a great way to use those logs. I am sorry that you lost such a big tree. It’s good to save a part of it. Fred takes all of our hardwood pieces to his woodworking group. I saved a bunch of the long thinner branches to make a big teepee in back yard for the kids. I plan to plant my peas and runner beans to grow up them. They will probably want a pirate flag on top.

  3. Great idea Cat!

    I decorated my Christmas with fallen evergreen branches last year. Made a garland for the fireplace mantle, for the manger display and even made burlap ornaments using the fallen pine needles. My house smelled great and cleaned the street for the highway department! Win win….not really, considering the source. Sandy. :(

  4. Thanks Linda- I think a cat scratchy is a great plan, too!

  5. Cat, I LOVE the table!! I have to see if I can scrounge up a chunk of log in my neighborhood. I guess getting the top perfectly even and level is the tricky, unless you have all the proper power tools. My cats would love this as a scratchy!