How to Make Reclaimed Wood Shelves

In keeping with the theme of eco-friendly homes at EcoEtsy this week, today I’ll be sharing a DIY tutorial on how to make wood shelves from logs. The look of them is totally natural and brings an outdoor, serene feeling indoors for you to enjoy.



The wood I used for this project came from a local man who sustainably harvests trees from the forest on his property. This tree had already been chopped down a time ago. I initially bought the wood from him to use for painting on, but I decided to turn a few of them into bookshelves for my room! The man I purchased the wood from took one of his logs and cut it with a chainsaw into rounds about 3 inches thick. If you have a chainsaw you could easily do this all on your own!

Supplies –

  • round pieces of wood about 3 inches thick
  • sandpaper
  • linseed oil
  • circular saw
  • wall brackets
  • level
  • drill
  • pencil
  • screws and anchors

You should be able to find all these things at your local hardware store (aside from the sustainably sourced wood rounds).

Step 1


On a sturdy, flat surface like a workbench, cut your wood round in half using a circular saw. Carlos did this part for me using the wooden bench we have on our patio.. I recommend something more suitable as this bench was a little low.

Step 2

Sand your soon-to-be shelves and coat them with multiple layers of linseed oil. Linseed is a natural substance that is derived from flax. I recommend putting three layers of linseed on your shelves and letting the oil dry between coatings.

Step 3

Now you’ll need to figure out the placement of the wall brackets. Take the flat side of your shelf and put it up against the wall where you want it. Hold a wall bracket to one side of the shelf so one flat side is up against the wood and the other flat side is on the wall. Take your level and make sure that the shelf is straight!

woodshelf3For me, it was good to have an extra pair of hands. While holding the bracket up to the wall, take a pencil and mark a dot for each hole of the bracket. This marks where you will drill the holes!

Step 4

Now you can drill the holes! Make sure to use the proper drill bit so you can fit an anchor into the wall before inserting the screws. This will depend on the size of holes in your wall brackets and the size of screw you use. An employee at the hardware store could help you with this.

Once the holes are drilled, insert the anchors into the wall and then screw the anchor onto the wall with your drill or a screwdriver.

Step 5

Once your first bracket is attached to the wall, it will be way easier to attach a second bracket. Set the shelf on top of the wall bracket that you just attached and make sure that it’s level. Now take your second bracket and place it on the other side of the shelf and mark the holes on the wall, just like the first bracket.

Step 6

Drill the holes for your second bracket and insert the anchors. Then take the bracket and screw it to the wall with your drill or a screw driver.

Step 7

Now that you have the anchors screwed safely into the wall, it’s time to attach your shelf! Place the wood shelf flat side against the wall and once more, make sure it’s level. You don’t want your books and knick knacks rolling off onto the floor… If it’s level, you’re ready to attach it! No need for anchors.. just attach some screws through the wall brackets into the shelf and it’s done!

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Have you ever put shelves on your wall? Do you have some tips to share? What home decorating DIY are you going to take on next??




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  1. Those are seriously cute. We’ve got a fallen tree down the street, I may have to go snitch some new shelves!

    • Totally awesome Lori! Let me know if you go for it. I think the shelves are so beautiful in my bedroom! They really bring in an earthy, natural quality that makes me feel nice.

  2. LOVE this!!Great idea!Mahalo for sharing!

  3. Great look Desiree. I have some of those rounds hanging around too. i thought I would paint on them but the split. With your tutorial I think I can make some new shelves for my screened porch.
    Thank you.

    • They’re so easy to make and I just love the look and feel of them! Let me know if you decide to make some shelves. :) They are really fun to paint on, but I had about 40 of them and just didn’t see myself using them all up anytime soon.. so I came up with this idea. So glad!