Spring Cleaning without toxic chemicals

Here at Eco Etsy, we’re wrapping up our 14 days of crafting tutorials, but if you aren’t quite ready to wave goodbye to the DIY, you’re in luck. Today, in honor of the budding daffodils outside my window, and the new blog format, ECO Monday is going to help you with a little Spring Cleaning.

Recently, the World Health Organization issued a world wide alert about the dangers of EDC’s, or Endocrine Disrupting Hormones.

The UN study, which is the most comprehensive report on EDCs to date, highlights some associations between exposure to EDCs and health problems including the potential for such chemicals to contribute to the development of non-descended testes in young males, breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men, developmental effects on the nervous system in children, attention deficit /hyperactivity in children and thyroid cancer.

Other studies are showing “chemical creep” and body toxicity even among people who live conscious lifestyles, eating organic and avoiding plastics.

Another problem is that while many chemicals and products are labelled as “safe” based on single dose testing, very little has actually been done to show how those chemicals interact with our bodies “in the wild”, or, in combination with each other, as they are commonly used. So what can we do to keep ourselves safer? One step is to make our own cleaning products!

This article on Mother Earth Living has a great slideshow containing recipes for just about every type of cleaning product you’ll need to get your home sparkling and ready for spring.
read more here… or see recipes from some of our bloggers here

Have your own secret eco-friendly cleaning weapon? Share it in the comments!

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  1. With a toddler in the house, I’ve recently gone on a tear about chemicals in cleaning products. Although I’ve used “earth friendly” and “cruelty free” products for years, I’ve decided that since labels don’t show everything, I’m going to start making it at home.

    I recently put together an all-purpose cleaner with vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and water that took less time than driving to the store and buying a new bottle. And, it worked BETTER than anything I’ve bought before!!

    Can’t wait to see what the next post is all about! I’m hoping to find some good recipes as I convert this household to home-made cleaning products. :)

  2. Great post!Thanks for sharing!

  3. OK chemical creep is downright scary. I make my own room fresheners with essential oils, but have to admit the only cleaning product I make is window cleaner. I have to try the directions for the soft scrub product. It sounds very easy to do and only takes a couple of ingredients. Thank you for a great post.

    • The soft scrub alternative is so super easy and completely effective. I use the same cleaner to clean my toilet bowl as well and it works wonderfully!

  4. So while I’m on this subject, maybe some of you other eco-etsians can help me out with a little problem I’ve been having trying to translate my DIY powder laundry detergent into a liquid. I made a post on my own blog about it here: http://lorigami.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/diy-laundry-detergent-liquid/

    thanks for any insight!

  5. Very good article. EDCs are so scary! More spring cleaning fun on Wednesday – stay tuned y’all!

  6. Great post! Thanks for sharing the Mother Earth Living slide show link. I’m a bit of a germaphobe when it comes to my house and feeling that it’s clean, especially being a cosmetics crafter – I have a few natural alternatives I use but the one I use the most is Tea Tree Oil – about 30 drops of tean tree oil to 2 cups of water. Since I don’t like the smell of tea tree I usually add a few drops of lavender or mint also.

    • I love tea tree oil, but I have to be careful after I found my cat licking the shower walls after I cleaned them. 0_o
      (yes, she’s a weird cat…)

      • What is it with cats and showers anyway? Our Bear is always trying to figure out what we do in there!

        • Yes, this! It’s even worse when I take a bath and the curtain is open. I think they’re afraid I’m going to die before they learn to operate the can opener…

  7. For years I have been chemical free and home, and now whenever I go to public places where they use a lot of chemicals I feel very light headed and nauseous. It’s easy and so much fun to make your own cleaning and hygiene products! Stay tuned for lots of homemade cleaning products this week on ecoetsy.com