Eco-Friendly(er) Painting

Not my house!

I recently began a repainting rampage in our house.  We built our home 13 years ago and have crummy builder’s paint in every room  for the entire 13 years.  It was frustrating because I couldn’t clean the walls or do anything to make them look less than terribly worn. I hesitated to repaint because of the negative environmental impact of painting UNTIL I discovered that Sherwin Williams now has a ZERO VOC paint!  (It is also absent some other harmful chemicals, but I couldn’t find information on that that I could understand.)  Other companies have LOW VOC paint, but Sherwin Williams is the ONLY paint that comes with ZERO VOCs.  The Emerald line of their paints is among their most expensive line of paints,but I stocked up at a recent 30% off sale.  In our area (maybe nationwide–check with your local store) there is a 40% off everything sale coming up later in April.  Sherwin Williams also offers paint rollers made from recycled materials. I do not recommend those at this time. We tried them and the results were undesirable.

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  1. Toxic chemical can do harm the environment it should be evaded and ZERO VOC is vital…it is ecologically sound too.

  2. Its always advisable to use the Eco-friendly paints for your house so as to be safe from any type of toxic chemicals.

  3. Good to know there is more than one option! Sherwin Williams tint is zero VOC as well! :)

  4. Actually Benjamin Moore offers a zero VOC paint option as well that I’ve been using in client’s homes for a few years now. It’s called Natura. If you’re interested in learning more here’s a link:

    The other thing that’s cool about Benny is that their tints are also no VOC for Natura (and Aura). This is something to keep in mind when shopping for paint because it may be a no VOC base but the tint usually always has some.