A Wholesome Oasis in the Food Desert

Two weeks ago, my local farmer”s market opened for the year with it”s usual crowds of people hungry for good, locally grown produce. For me, this is a sight which almost always brings me to tears. As few as 15 years ago in this area you couldn”t get a decent fresh vegetable for miles, and not without a car. Now, the market fills to the brim with all types of people, from the parents walking their strollers up, to the residents of the senior care center who arrive by community bus. Lately, our market has been made even better by a program designed specifically for people who rely on food assistance. Our market is one chosen by Wholesome Wave as a part of their program of doubling food assistance dollars to help needy families have more affordable access to farm fresh foods. From their website:

“Wholesome Wave fosters strong linkages between local agriculture and under-served communities. Our goal is a more vibrant and equitable food system for all people.”

Through programs like these, we can help eliminate the urban food deserts that plague some of our cities, and help families make better choices for their futures. You can check here to see if there”s a Wholesome Wave program reaching your city. What better way to turn those food deserts into an oasis for healthy communities?

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  1. That is so inspiring! I’d love to see Wholesome Wave in places like Philly and Trenton.

  2. That’s an amazing program! I’ve been happy to see the demographics changing at our small-town farmer’s market as well.