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PlaYSKool Pounding Bench from joonE

 Who remembers these??  This month I am featuring some beautiful eco friendly finds for the wee ones.  Let’s play!!!  Eco Etsy shines in so many areas and there are so many items to choose from.  Find gifts for others or one for your own little one.This one is a piece of nostalgia from my childhood.   I have quite fond memories of pounding, flipping and repeating, pounding, flipping and repeating.


 Eco baby rattle/ teether by earnestefforts

 Cutie pie!!!  If you have little one in your family you know that everything goes right in the mouth : )  Something all natural to chew on.  This little fella seems to be enjoying…  you and yours can be too with all natural teethers.  Earnest Efforts also makes many other natural and eco – friendly toys.


Owl bag handmade bag for toys by  zJayne

 Hoot hoot!!  Colorful, fun, creative and customizable (see listings for details).  I love these multi – functional bags from zJayne.  Use them for toys or diapers, to pack a picnic… the possibilities are endless, but whatever you choose you’ll be looking good (and environmentally conscious).


Organic bicycle print baby shoes from GrowingUpWild

 …and these cute little toe cover uppers… brightly colored and ready to get the baby in your life off to an eco friendly start with organic cotton bicycle printed fabric.

Thanks for stopping by and for loving the Earth as much as we do.  We try to reduce, reuse and recycle and hope that you do too.  Hope we’re an inspiration to you and show you that possibilities abound.  Drop us a line and have a beautifully wonderful first Sunday in July!!  Happy Summer!!!

from Nicole from turquoisemama

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