Advice, Tips and Supplies for Back to School 2013

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year, when I do cartwheels down the school supply aisles – {please don’t judge me, but I can’t help myself}.  Summers are fun and I have blast with my girls – however, by the end of summer I need a vacation from my summer vacation – it’s called Back to School!!! 

School supply lists are getting longer and longer and more expensive every year and the choices aren’t always the greatest.  My youngest is a Freshman this year and so we have been scouring Etsy and other green sites in search of the most unique, cool and fun school supplies.  This year, Bela ditched her backpack for a recycled bag which is way cool.

I’ve also been digging for some fun ideas for back to school and found some great tips across the web.

There was one in particular that I will classify as completely “GOAT” {like my new tag line? Greatest Of All Times – Oh yeah!}.  The post is by Keeley McGuire {love that her blog is named after herself (grammar?)} titled

Lunch Made Easy: 20 Non-Sandwich School Lunch Ideas for Kids!

The title says it all.  I can’t even begin to tell you how I have struggled with lunch ideas not only for my girls when they were younger (they are now 24, 20 and 14) but for myself. Not only does she share some great food ideas – she also shares pictures. Keeley completely rocked this one!

I also found some great DIY ideas for setting up a Homework Station, check out this Tip Junkie  post  {have I shared that I’m a TipJunkie addict?}

13 DIY Creative Homework Stations {organize}

Another post that I completely fell in love with is by CraftingChicks.  I think the solved the battle of “getting ready for school in the morning but I don’t know what to wear and can’t find my left shoe so I’m going to whine for a while” blues  with a fun and easy printable DIY crafty tutorial. (can you tell I’m a mom of 3 girls? can you say funny farm or as my family calls it Loca House?)

{Days of the Week Outfit Tags for Back to School & Free Printables}

I didn’t want to stop there, so I asked my EcoEtsy teammates to share what they had to offer in the way of advice, tips and products. As usual, they came back with some great stuff.

Advice, Tips & Supplies

OneShadeGreener shared a great post from her blog where she shares some great insights on School supplies.  She writes:

Kids are heading back to school, and that means it’s time to get prepared and hunt down the best school supplies out there! 

She also shared another post on Eating Away from Home During the Day with some awesome product shares and insights.


TreeLineStudio shared I like to encourage people to purchase my cowls, legwarmers and armwarmers because they last for several years. An important part of eco-friendly shopping is buying garments that are well-made and flexible enough to last from year to year. Designed to “fill in the gaps”, TreeLineStudio garments help you through transitional weather, and chilly mornings that turn into hot afternoons. They fill in the gaps between your child’s too-short pant legs and sleeves, or your own gorgeous fall coat that you just can’t bear to put away when it’s time for the heavy winter coat.’


aquarianbathAquarianBath offers a great Deliceous Shampoo Bar to help tackle the pesky problem of dealing with a lice infestation.


RaisingGreenKids offers some great Reusable Napkins your kids can tote to school reduce their carbon footprint in the process.


FashionGreenTBags offers some fun multipurpose and Reusable Lunch Bags – which can also be used for other things such as storing crayons, pencils and markers or for older girls their dreaded unmentionables.


AThreadofGrace offers some cute little Zippered Reusable Snack Bags that are also very multipurpose, if you ask me.


Remainewicked has some cool Upcycled Messenger Bags that make for cool looking school bags – why not go back in style.


For more awesome back to school ideas, check out Team EcoEtsy’s Pinterest Board. 

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