EcoEtsy Member Spotlight Is Back!

Hey Ho to all our awesome EcoEtsy readers!  In light of Etsy’s recent Policy Changes, Team EcoEtsy has decided to bring back our EcoEtsy Member Spotlight!! Yay!!! We will be showcasing one of our fabulous team members sharing a bit of their background, their craft, and their HANDMADE products each week. Now that Etsy is allowing sellers to farm their products out for manufacturing, it will become a bit harder to find those who design and produce their own products.

Our EcoEtsy team is a unique group of Etsy Sellers dedicated to reducing, reusing, and recycling. Our team members offer you an array of products that aren’t only handmade but also eco-friendly.

So We ask that you check back each week and learn about our awesome EcoEtsy team members and their fantastic products.  When you read a Member Spotlight, we ask that you share it via, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other forms of social media you use.  Because we want to make sure that our creative community gets the exposure and love they deserve. Here’s a shortlist of members who will be featured, be sure to check out their shops and show them some love: 


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About Myra @ HerbanLuxe

Myra is an Etsian with an MBA. The art of business and technology are her two obsessions. She has been writing EcoEtsy Business Tips since 2010. Myra grew up in Puerto Rico with grandparents who were a head of their time and didn't know it - living what we would call today, "a simple green life." Her love of learning and teaching are the key drivers in almost everything she does.


  1. Thanks Myra. Tweeted and pinned

  2. This is looking fabulous!
    Many thanks fro starting this – woohooo.

  3. wow. That’s a lot of members to spotlight at once! Going to take awhile to get thru the list

  4. I always loved those features. Glad to see them coming back.

  5. Growing Up Wild says:

    So fun scrolling through everyone’s shops! Thank you for bringing this back!

  6. It blows me away how many AMAZING eco conscious shops we have on this great team!mahalo Myra and woot woot to loving the Earth!

  7. I LOVE my teamies!! Thanks for the highlight Myra!!

  8. This is great! Thanks so much for putting this together.

  9. Thrilled by this!

  10. So glad to see the spotlight re-lit – YAY for true handmade!!