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Armelle of PurePixieArmelle of PurePixie on Etsy has been on Etsy since 2009. She runs a 5-star rated show with over 300 sales and over 1,900 admirers.  Having been on Etsy since 2009, Armelle has built a solid following on Etsy.  Today, I want to give you all the opportunity to meet Armelle and learn more about her business and her products.  I’ve asked her to share her story with us.

Can you share with us a little about your personal story? 

I’m married to the most supportive husband and the Mom of two active little boys. I spent the last 12 years in California and gave birth to both my kids in Berkeley. Recently we moved back to France and have settled down in a small village located on the seaside of Brittany.

I have a BA in both German literature and international marketing. I found that being multilingual is actually a great help. It makes conversations with customers so much easier.

When I have some spare time, I love to go to local yard sales and refurbish or re-purpose any little (or large) treasures I find there.

What is your craft? and products do you offer in your shop? What are your most popular products?

I create and make organic clothing and accessories for young kids. At the moment my most popular products are organic travel placemats and organic flower girl dresses.

What were you doing before you started PurePixie?

Before I started PurePixie, I used to be a marketing manager in a software company.

How did you get stated in your chosen craft and what do you enjoy most about it?

Both my Mom and Granny were professional seamstresses. They taught me as a kid how to sew. As a teenager I used to make all my clothes. My favorite part of this craft is to create new designs.

Where do you get your inspiration for your products?

I am one of  those people who get more ideas than time to make them, but I always try to stick to practical needs while making them as beautiful as possible. Most designs I create come from specific needs I encounter with my own kids or their friends, that I can’t address in a green and practical way with an already existing solution. I do believe that there is always a way to make things practical, strong, green and beautiful.

For decorations, I love to keep it simple. I get inspiration from almost anything but I think that it comes especially during nature walks I make with my kids. So please be ready to find more sea-inspired decorations in the near future. :)

 What makes PurePixie Green?

I thrive to make PurePixie as green as possible. I use high quality fabrics and test my designs on my own kids or their friends so as to make sure they will last and may be used by several kids. I also do my best to use only natural and whenever possible certified organic supplies. My best wish is that my customers could simply return to the Earth their PurePixie purchase after it has been worn by several kids.

In one word, describe your creative process.

One word? A necessity.

PurePixie Studio FranceWhere do you craft your products? 

My products are all made in my studio. I feel so grateful that it has a view onto our garden! When the weather allows, I love to open the window and work while listening to the birds in the big oak trees surrounding our garden while working.

What advice do you have for Etsy shop owners who are interested in greening (making eco-friendly) their business?

What I learned through the years is that you can always make your business greener. Have a look at all your supplies and make sure that they are recyclable. As an Internet seller also don’t forget to green the way you ship. Try to use only recycled or easily recyclable shipping supplies, a carbon neutral messenger, etc.

Also try to keep away from plastics. Even if you are told that they are recyclable, a lot of people live in areas where they are not given the opportunity to recycle.

What is your biggest challenge running an eco-friendly business?

My biggest challenge has been so far to move overseas with my business. It has been a real hurdle to find a whole new set of local suppliers for certified eco-friendly supplies.

Where else can we find you? 




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About Myra @ HerbanLuxe

Myra is an Etsian with an MBA. The art of business and technology are her two obsessions. She has been writing EcoEtsy Business Tips since 2010. Myra grew up in Puerto Rico with grandparents who were a head of their time and didn't know it - living what we would call today, "a simple green life." Her love of learning and teaching are the key drivers in almost everything she does.


  1. Lovely shop!I wish my studio was as organized!Bonjour de Brooklyn!
    Plein de bises!:)

  2. Nice to meet you Arnelle. Your models are adorable.

  3. Armelle, Your studio is totally awesome! Hugs from California.

  4. Love the peek into fellow team members lives and studios!

  5. Armelle, your studio looks wonderful! I admit, I am envious. I love your work.


  6. Debbie Turk says:

    Great article! I love your studio!

  7. Wow!!Your studio looks amazing-filled with light and so ORGANIZED!I won’t be jealous but will instead visualize having a great space like yours in which to create!Love your work and I wish you continued success!

    • The funny thing is that I was thinking of you when I took the picture. :)
      I hope that you’ll get a studio of your own very soon.
      Thank you for your kind words, Nancy!

  8. So happy to see your studio Armelle!
    I would love to take a cup of tea with you there!! I’m sure we would spend hours talking about anything…
    Congrats for the feature!

  9. I’ve always loved the baby place mats you make. The fabrics are fun! Thanks for sharing :-)

  10. Thank you so much, Myra!