How do you green your transportation?

In NYC being green is necessary because it is cheaper and healthier.The city is making improvement to encourage people to ride bikes and leave their cars. This is great for the environment because you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Fia rides her two daughters down Bedford-Stuyvesant's Dekalb Avenue towards their Community Garden

Fia rides her two daughters down Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Dekalb Avenue towards their Community Garden

Save money

In 2011 I was featured in the magazine of Transportation Alternatives non-profit organization  called RECLAIM in the article about Bedford-Stuyvesant’s streets:

The situation in Brooklyn is becoming more and more difficult with the constant rise of public transportation like buses and trains:a good alternative is to ride your bike with a helmet of course for more safety.

Having two children it was easy for me to transport them in a trailer.

You also have other options : i have seen children seat on the front or back and two seats or one seat trailers.This type of trailers are costly but very useful for short distant trips inside Brooklyn because when you think about the time you save …it is a win win situation.

Bonnie of thefamilyleejewels uses an ecofriendly car:

Bonny uses a 2005 Prius with 168,000 miles on it that still averages 48 mpg with near zero emissions.

Lynn of rakubuttons  lives in a rural place. She combines trips.
She wait weeks to add another stop to “that side of town”or just “town”
in general so she doesn’t have to do errands separately.
She also wait to order things online so she doesn’t have to get several
deliveries if she can wait and order in one.
She hopes to get an eco friendly car when her car has to go.
She has been thinking about getting a bike, but she is getting older and would
like a three-wheeled one!

Karen of Ecokaren  participate in an awesome Plug In Challenge this past summer for
Toyota and won $2500 for a charity!

Here is what she learned from the challenge. Also she gives 10tips on how to buy a fuel-efficient car.

She drives a Clean Diesel that gets close to 50 MPG and she loves it. There
aren’t too many charging stations in her area so she decided to go with
Diesel. She is very happy with it.

Prius prices have come down so when she
has to buy cars for her kids, she will definitely consider Prius Hybrid or
a Plug In…depending on where they live.


Staying healthy

You stay healthy because you exercise more and the children love it too!

One ride is enough to keep you fitted because you need that extra strength to pull two children!

It is always good to have a bright-colored flag (I have one now that I bought after the picture was taken) and it is great because buses and cars can see you from far away and have time to slow down.

Also it is very tall so more visible from a distant point.

Of course it is more relaxing to ride in a park where you have fewer cars and buses but if you are very slow and respect biking rules you are safe.

Citibikes Success



Did you notice in NYC those blue bikes?They are Citibikes and are great for encouraging people to leave their car.

Citibikes are bikes for rental all around Brooklyn and Manhattan.

For less than one hundred dollars a year you can use a Citibike to go to work come back and stay healthy!


It is a great way to reduce the use of cars and therefore emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

CAM00614.jpgwebThe success of Citibikes: Citibikes

We can always do better so if you want to make Citibikes better fill this out: citibikes poll#2

This situation with my bike and a two seats trailer was back in 2011.

But with three children now in 2013, it is more challenging to transport all of them on my trailer.

So I take the bus more often or I walk a lot too.

Buses are eco friendly if you think about the large number of people you can transport in NYC large buses…

Walking is really good for your health too and with your children it is a good time to talk when going to school in the morning and to observe nature : always watch birds,discover new flowers, notice the changing colors of tree leaves or simply relax or meditate about what you are going to do that day.

Anyway let me know if you think of a better solution to transport three children: maybe a wagon?

Marla of Marla Bee Designs likes walking to where she needs to go if it is nearby.”There is something
wonderful about feeling the sun on you” she thinks. And walking with a friend is an
even better pick-me-up! And of course, scientifically speaking, vitamin D.

She carpools whenever she can. Usually she is the one driving, which she doesn’t mind
at all. She enjoys having her friends and family with her the extra driving time.

“There was a recent study done about the happiness throughout the day of people who carpool during long rides, vs people who ride alone. The carpooling people were much happier because they started their day among friends and were relieved of stress when they could joke about the bad driving of others instead of scream alone in their cars”Marla said.

What type of transportation do you use ?

How do you green your transportation?

Do you often think about your carbon footprint?

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  1. Thanks for the mention. I rarely drive to do errands since my kids left to go to college. Gone are the days when I’m driving them around everywhere. Now, when I have to drive to see them, we take our VW TDI. We love the gas mileage and the clean diesel!

  2. One thing to consider is to travel less or shorter distances. I try to stay in my neighbourhood for as much shopping as possible, rather than driving across the city “for better deals,” and to support local small businesses. We also try to live closer to our workplaces. I walk to work (10 minutes) and my husband bikes in summer (30 minutes) or often uses public transit.

  3. Hi Fia,

    I like this topic! Four years ago I purchased a VW TDI which at the time was the green car of the year. I don’t leave my home based eco friendly jewelry studio ( much but when I do I can get 40+ mpg as well. Love this car!!! My dad has been driving one ever since I can remember.

    I was seeing tons of those citi bikes in NYC when I was working there – they are popping up everywhere!!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Yes it is a huge success but there is a lot to improve because the concept is to share the bikes with others and avoid overtime fees….it is not prefect but i love the idea of this huge NYC with less cars!:)

  4. Thank you Myra!
    It is really expensive now in NYC so it is always good to look for cheaper and greener alternatives!:)

  5. Hi Fia, great post. I live in CT and public transportation leaves a lot to be desired. I have a bike but honestly don’t ride it much – traffic is too heavy in our area and there are no designated bike lanes. However, I do now work 100% remotely. When I was commuting – I was a train commuter which was an interesting feat in itself.

    I don’t do a lot of driving now, if I need something I will usually ask one of my kids or my hubby to pick it up on their way home since they are out and about. I’ve pretty much turned into a hermit but my carbon footprint had been reduced dramatically.