Tuesday Treasury: It’s Back!

Warn & Cozy Treasury

We are so incredibly excited to announce the resurrection of our new and improved Tuesday Treasury series!

A long-standing EcoEtsy tradition, the Tuesday Treasury will showcase items by EcoEtsy artisans twice every month, allowing extra exposure for teamies and helping the rest of us shop for the coming season, all while supporting truly handmade businesses!

How will this round of Treasury features work?

We’ll select two collections each month at random using the True Random Number Generator tool from random.org.  Each Treasury will be assigned a generic numeral dependent on the date of creation. We’ll then have the Generator choose a number at random to indicate the winner for that round.

All you need to do is curate a treasury, tag it as “teamecoetsy”, and include sellers from the group. The more Treasuries you create – the more chances you’ll have to win! If you’re one of the lucky curators who is chosen – you’ll receive a free ad for your shop to be featured on the EcoEtsy blog for a full month. Pretty cool, no?!

So get out there and start making some treasuries! We’ll announce the first winner on November 19th.

Happy curating!

Treasury featured above, “Warm & Cozy” by Lori Sullivan of Drinks to Design.

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  1. I love the earth tone!

  2. yay!so much fun!I am assuming it needs to be 100% eco etsy team right?

  3. yay!

  4. Love it tuesday treasury is back!:)

  5. I’m so happy to see that Tuesday Treasuries are back! Love the incentive idea.