Tuesday Treasury: It’s Movember!

Tuesday Treasury: Movember Gift Guide

Our uber popular Tuesday Treasury series is back – and with a bit of a spin!

Rather than having you vote for your favorites – we’re giving anyone who makes a treasury a chance to win! Thus, creating a more egalitarian contest for all to enjoy! For more details on how we’ve crafted this new series to work, read our recent blog post here.

This week’s winner was lucky treasury #4 – It’s Movember! Congrats to Eco Etsy team member Annabel of Tinkan Designs for curating this rounds winning collection! She’ll be receiving one month’s worth of free advertising for her Etsy shop on this site. Congrats Annabel!

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Lydia Krupinski is the avid upcycling mad-woman behind popular Etsy shop Pierogi Picnic. When she's not busy fantasizing new ways of using old threads, Lydia can be found wrangling volunteers and fosters for Chicago’s oldest and most respected animal welfare organization – The Anti-Cruelty Society. And should you be lucky to catch her on a day off, you'll probably find her canoodling with one of her four rescue pets, crafting up new eco-tutorials, exploring the city by bike, reading along the lakefront or resting in her urban homestead.



  1. wonderful curation – still wish my hubby would shave his mustache ….

  2. Fun collection. Tweeted and pinned.