DIY Holiday Gift Tags

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For Etsy entrepreneurs and holiday lovers alike, this season can be the busiest time of year. From gift giving to gift unwrapping, the holiday season is full of opportunities to follow the familiar rule of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  If you are looking for eco savvy methods to get your shop grooving with green shipping methods over the holiday season then visit this article.


gift wrap


This holiday season, why not do what we can to get our creative minds turning over items that otherwise could became wasteful? Such as this basket full of gift wrap and pre used shipping materials that I have been saving.



As well as grocery bags or all these paper scraps salvaged from my recycle bin and even old parchment paper I used to preserve and dehydrate some strawberries upon this past Summer.

strawberriesstrawberry necklace


And, if you decide you just do not like the look of repurposed materials, you can always create a solution of mulched, fibrous materials and then make your own paper.



For this project, I invested in a new gizmo tag puncher at my local craft store. However, for years I have had little trouble cutting, tearing and creatively shaping reusable materials to make tags without this awesome little gadget.





Add a little hole, and a nice stamp or your gift recipients name and voila, you have successfully saved another useful thing from the abyss of uselessness.




You can even use these tags to embellish your eco friendly efforts to Etsy customers or create a general brand and logo for your special line of handcrafted products for beyond the holidays season. Are you interested in finding more ways to green your businesses shipping methods? Visit this article.




This particular order from Yours Truly, at Designer TLALA, is also wrapped in a vintage box and repurposed vintage ribbon found at a local thrift shop where the money went to support a local animal charity.




So this holiday season, why not put your hands where your heart is, and give the gift of reusing? What can you find to save for later and reuse this Holiday season?








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