How to make star fruit prints holiday cards

Did you ever try to make your own holiday cards?  Well this is the time of the year to do it: it is fun and you save a lot of money!

You will need:


  • Tempera paint any color(i did green and blue)
  • Glitter glue(golden and green)
  • Paper good for cards
  • Star fruits or any other fruits like lemons,celery,bell pepper…

If you don’t have a  Chinatown like the one in NYC then it might be hard to find star fruits.  Use your imagination and try to find interesting shapes in the fruits or vegetables that you eat…

The idea of these cards came when i bought some because i love to try new fruits and vegetables that i do not know…

Starfruits cut in slices

Star fruits cut in slices

Star fruit also known as carambola, is a star shaped tropical fruit with sweet and sour flavor. Carambola is native to Malayan peninsula and cultivated in many parts of Southeast Asia, Pacific islands and China.

Starfruit detail

Star fruit detail

Starfruits slices on paper plate with paint

Star fruits slices on paper plate with paint


A couple of tips before you do a mess!

  • Dilute the paint
  • Use a sponge or paper towel to remove excess of paint before printing


Green prints

Green prints

Try more than one color:

Blue and green prints

Blue and green prints

Use your imagination:

Blue and green prints other idea

Blue and green prints other idea

Green prints

Green prints

Green prints

Green prints

You will see how quickly you can make a large number of holiday cards especially if you have a lot of friends and family to send them too!


I was amazed by the star shape of this fruit and i hope you will try to make holiday cards with it too.  This is a project that you can do with your children too. It is so much better to give a handmade card than a factory made one –
simply because it is more special and also if you use recycled paper then it is greener,right?  Simply think about the fact that people might keep the handmade extra special ones more that the factory made ones…less trash…  But for those you cannot find any star fruits around them:

What fruit did you try?
What vegetable did you try?
Share your experiences in the comments :I’m sure some of you have good ideas of prints!

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  1. Thank you !I’m glad you like it !Adults can also do this project!:)
    Yes handmade is always very special.

  2. Beautiful article. I love doing this simple project with children. Receiving something handmadecforcthe holidays vis always an extra special and often unexpected treat!