DIY Valentine. A Box of Chocolate



Valentines Day is a holiday of mixed meaning for most people. Perhaps the personal attitude a person correlates with this day is directly related to relationship status. I have experienced my own liberating and wonderful Valentine moments filled with heart-felt bliss and passionate kisses. However, I have also found myself in the lonely heart category, avoiding all social encounters for the entirety of the day. Looking closer into this taciturn occasion, perhaps we can find a deeper meaning behind the red hearts, roses and chocolate. After all, hasn’t this romanticized tradition become an important way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude to each other? I am suggesting that perhaps this momentous love infatuated holiday can be something deeper. Something, well, from the heart.

I would like to propose a new way of observing Valentine’s day. A proposal to embrace this occasion in such as a way as to make your heart soar. Be it though self love, or love expressed to a special someone in your life. Seizing the moment and expressing heartfelt gratitude can go a long way towards achieving personal satisfaction. There are multiple facets of tradition associated with the giving and receiving of Valentines. Such as a single red rose, chocolate or a handcrafted card. I suppose a lot of people go the ‘Hallmark’ route and purchase cards, candy and other items of poor health value and consumer wastefulness. However, in this post I am offering you an alternative, ecological and economical alternative to the mainstream, pricey, corporate infested Valentine habit. I am proposing something made from the heart, with the sweetness of self care and mutual adoration. I am putting forth the idea of homemade, raw cacao, in a re-usable box or plate of your choice. So, however you decide to express your love this Valentines Day, you can do so freely. Without the added commercialism and false perspective that media and social norms would like to offer.



Melt in your mouth Valentine Chocolate Recipe


♥ Raw, cold pressed coconut oil
♥ Sea salt
♥ Maple syrup
♥ Raw cacao powder
♥ Shredded coconut
♥ Raw, hulled hemp seeds for added protein




Begin by melting your coconut oil (if it isn’t already liquified at room temperature). The easiest way to do this, is simply run hot water over the jar and then pour off the desired amount. I recommend starting with about 2 tblsps. Next, add 4 generous scoops of raw cacao powder. If you have trouble finding this product at your local natural food market, try ordering online or use hot cocoa powder. Next, stir in shredded coconut and hemp seeds. Then add about a tblsp of maple syrup until you get a smooth, sticky consistency similar to brownie batter. Mix in a pinch of salt. If you are using molds, you’ll want it a little more on the runny side before freezing. Otherwise, just spoon some of the mixture into your palm and roll into tiny balls like truffles. Refrigerate for a half hour and voila! It is so simple, yet also so very melt in your mouth delicious.

cacao5 cacao6cacao8 cacao9  cacao2

This is a great recipe to start with, then add your own ideas. Other super food ingredients worth trying are spirulina powder, maca powder, manzanita sugar, and even cayenne powder. What awesome-licious ideas have you experimented with?



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  1. This recipe looks delicious, and totally doable even for someone like me who hasn’t made chocolates before. Plus, I have all of those ingredients on hand since I use them in my products :)

  2. I love chocolate and your recipe is so wonderful!

  3. Never made chocolates before, but will try this!

  4. sounds delish! :)

  5. What great idea! I love the presentation. Looks yummy.

  6. delicious post!Mahalo for sharing!

  7. Ooh I’m going to make this! I just started cooking with coconut oil this month, so am definitely trying this – thank you for sharing your recipe and ideas!

    – Cat :)

  8. Yummy and a wonderful sentiment!