What happens to the soil in winter?

Did you ever ask yourself what happens to the soil in winter?web6

Our soil is a living substance and we Human Beings have  to understand how important is it to protect it. You all need to watch the movie called Dirt!The movie. It is a very interesting movie about the biology of the soil and how to protect and live with a healthy soil.

(You can watch the full documentary on Youtube, Amazon and Netflix)

What you can do is simple :COMPOST!


If you are lucky to have big maples in your garden then let the leaves on the floor make leaf compost.

web11`But let me show you what I did with old plastic bins in my garden:Compost bins a couple of holes with a drill and you are getting the BLACK GOLD soon!


But first of all what is compost? 

It is a mix of greens high in nitrogen and browns high in carbon. 

In this case I use for the greens my kitchen scraps vegetables and fruits peels and for the browns the maple leaves all over the ground…lucky me right? But when i went to take my pictures for this post I notice a bad odor in my bin – I think it is the excess of moisture because I had to close my bins with a lid so the squirrels and rodent don’t come and eat it! So iIdecided to remove the lid to allow more air to flow today.

You need nitrogen, carbon but also water and oxygen.B With roughly equal parts of materials rich in nitrogen and carbon plus water and oxygen you should be able to have a good decomposition and the result : a mound of black gold!

web5So for those of you who were thinking that you can do nothing in the winter to help your soil – I say no you can do EVERYTHING! Even with the very cold temperatures that NY had the worms are still alive i saw ONE today! The others are buried in the soil deeper to stay warm.

web9I don’t know if you can see MY worm in this picture but i am so happy that i saw ONE today! So the winter just slow down the process of decomposition but doesn’t stop it. I would like to know your experiences good or bad of composting!

Tell me WHAT do you compost HOW and WHEN?

I hope my compost will be ready for spring because i want to grow vegetables and fruits. I dream of tomatoes, but also raspberries and strawberries to make my own jam.

web10I have this old bamboo room divider converted in compost bin(i attached it with wire) FULL and two other plastic bins so that means a lot of compost right? We have to love our soil, protect it,feed it with compost. An other good way of fertilizing  is cover crops, but that is an other post, right?



Your turn now tell me what you do to improve your soil organically without using any chemicals?

Do you compost in winter?

Leave your comments below so we can share our experiences!

By the way Happy New Year with black gold of course!





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  1. Great post and links! Thank you! I will for sure watch the movie sometimes this week with my kids!

    • Great Lila i think it will be interesting for you and your kids to watch the one in french…very interesting ,let me know!

  2. Great post!
    Here is information on vermicomposting which is a worm bin. Great indoor option for those who cannot have a compost pile outside somewhere.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHTWUDyuwOA
    the link on u tube to see solutions locales pour un desordre global by Coline serreau.

  4. An other very interesting movie in french is:”Solutions locales pour desordre global” by Corrine Serreau.
    For french speaking people please watch this movie:very similar subject than Dirt the movie.

  5. I have a LOT of cottonwood leaves every fall and use them for my “brown”. Kitchen scraps and mower clippings make nice “green”. My biggest problem is moisture, NM is in a 3 yr drought. Out w/ the hose I guess.

    • Great J Stella that you have all these leaves available!
      Can you try to collect rain water instead of using the hose?
      I will suggest that you fill some containers with tap water and let it sit for a day to let the chlorine out before you add it to your compost.
      What state is NM?

  6. Such an important and interesting topic. I also dump my woodash from the woodstove into the compost in winter to alkalize the soil. if you have the space, its a simple process to maintain. Had to get my hubby to build a simple bin to keep the dog, raccoons, fox, skunks out but now its no problem. As a kid, our compost was across the driveway from the second story deck and clothesline. in the summer we had a game of throwing . as trendline rinds into the pit. I usually missed but ghost e deer took care of the leaving and we got to keep an eye out for them with the dawns. happy composting!

    • Did you watch the movie if you like my post you will love the movie.
      try to see the whole movie…very interesting.
      Wood ash alkalize the soil very interesting and do you know what kind of plants like that?
      For the containers for composting i really used what i had on hand but i hope your hubby can build a nice wooden bin..(a lot of work ).
      In my Commmunity garden i built a three bin compost system but it took us forever with an other friend…
      I simply look online to get construction plans.
      Happy composting!