Seller to Seller Series: Etsy Shop Banners

team eco etsy: seller to seller series

Here on Eco Etsy we hope to facilitate dialogue on a variety of green living topics – food, crafts, community, you name it! And  part of that is also sharing tips and tricks about managing our Etsy shops. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new “Seller to Seller” blog series.

In this new collection of Eco Etsy articles, experienced sellers give accolades and advice to fellow team members on a particular topic. Using our collective knowledge, this new series aims for us to help one another develop our shops while sharing what we learn along the way.

In this first article we’re exploring one of the most important branding elements of our Etsy storefronts: The Etsy Banner.

Despite recent talk in the Etsy forums that banners may be seeing retirement soon, this visual cue is currently one of the strongest tools we have to get our work across in our shops, which is why it’s so important that we harness their full potential.

We asked the Eco Etsy team for two brave volunteers who would be willing to have their store banners evaluated by teammates. Myra, of Herban Luxe Cosmetics, and Tamaura, of TLALA jewelry, both jumped at the chance.

Once we recruited our first two participants, we then reached out to the Eco Etsy team to review and submit their suggestions and shout-outs for each banner design, paying particular attention to the content, quality, and how it reflected their product line.

Here’s what the Eco Etsy Team had to share:

herban luxe cosmetics banner: before

Herban Luxe Cosmetics

  • I love the image as it fits well. I might try taking ‘cosmetics’ out and making the shop name larger? from the image and the items in the shop, ‘cosmetics’ was understood
  • simple, pretty and eye-catching
  • the cruelty free logo is important but it looks doesn’t match the logo design. If has to be used as is, I would probably use a more pinkish red for the lips.
  • It’s crisp, easy to read. If I was picky I’d say the pink in the bunny emblem doesn’t match …but then, it does make it noticeable too.
  • The high contrast is great and catches your eye.
  • Nice and minimalist
  • Consider changing the color of the cruelty-free badge to match your scheme.
  • Love the look of your banner! The “I heart mascara” is really professional, fun and gets the products across nicely. What about lifting up “herban luxe cosmetics” and underneath typing out “cruelty-free” as well as “and vegan” mimicking the black and red?
  • Love the simplicity of your banner. What about using the same logo as you have on your mascara on the banner? If you want to change things up.

tlala shop banner before


  • The text is hard to read on top of the background–fade the background more or choose different font color? Also, I’m curious why the “Gypsy…” is in the picture– another name for the shop?
  •  I think the banner has lovely colors and I like the background of the leaf but unfortunately I think the shop name doesn’t stand out enough against it. I think a little more contrast would be good and catch the eye better.
  • The banner reflects the atmosphere of her shop. I find the name of her shop difficult to read on a dark background. Maybe she should try a color that is more contrasting. I would also use a more funky font.
  • Tlala is not readable/noticeable to me. The words Tlala only in burgundy, maybe if it was on white rectangle it would pop. I have older eyes so if that matters, I’d say it’s something.
  • Great use of a photo – it does however look a bit pixelated. Your product photos are exceptional. What about using one of them for your banner?
  • Perhaps try just using your shop name and making it in a simple font?

There are some definite trends to be found in the suggestions above that we, as fellow team members, can also implement in our shop banners.

  1. Cohesion: Many of the suggestions given by fellow team members comment on the complete look of the banner and how it relates to the shop. There are notes about color schemes, font choice and even backdrop images. It’s so important to ensure that there’s a oneness to our business graphics. Sometimes that may mean choosing only a couple of colors to work with, or maybe a single font. Crafting a specific “look” and feel for your Etsy line can be a daunting task – but once you’ve picked it – stick to it. The result will be a polished professional looking graphic that you can use beyond your Etsy site.
  1. Clarity: So often, all us creative types, want to jam pack as much visual information as we can into a tight space, causing a visual overload. In the case of shop banners this can lead to too much visual activity,  a loss of  legibility, or a down right confusing message. That’s why it’s important to keep things as simple as possible, while still showing off your unique style. Too much color and you may lose your message. Too little “pop” and someone may hop over to another site instead. Making sure that your shop banner is easy to read and sends a clear message is key. It not only speaks to your level of professionalism, it also helps you make a good (and lasting!) impression.
  2. Representation: One of the observations that’s repeated for both shop banners is how the look and feel of each reflects their personal style. That means that the aesthetic of both banners is in line with the overall persona of each shop. Had Myra used photos of desserts and bubbly fonts in her banner, her shoppers would be confused. Is this a baker or makeup maker? Instead she has a bold and high contrast mascara graphic, complemented by a simple font. And the same strength is found in Tamaura’s banner. The earthy bohemian look of her handmade jewelry is accentuated by her use of a macro closeup of a textured leaf – showing off the intricacies of her own craftsmanship – while drawing on her natural inspirations. Both are wonderful examples of how our shop banners should reflect the complete feel of our products.

After collecting everyone’s tips and suggestions, we gave Myra and Tamaura a chance to give their banners a face-lift. Dipping into the recommendations of their fellow teammates, both shop owners tweaked their graphics to make an even greater impression on their fans. And the results? Fantastic!

herban luxe cosmetics banner: after

April Banner

Taking just a handful of suggestions, both team members were able to tweak their graphics in simple ways that made a big impact. These two sellers polished the look of their shop banners with just a handful of changes. And you can do the same! Considering the three points above will ensure that, whether you’re an adobe suite whiz or a humble picmonkey pusher, your shop banner will stand out from among the crowd.

What do you think? Can you see the differences between the each shops’ banners? How can you take the feedback above and use it to improve your own?

Share your thoughts below and help us keep the “Seller to Seller” conversation going!

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  1. Wow! There are alot of pearls in thia advice. Id like to extend my appreciation to Eco Etsy ans its readers for the opportunity to improve my shop banner with viewers feedback. This was an illuminating and fun experience. Most of all my thanks to Lydia for making it happen and in such a strong savvy voice of expertise. Great article! Full of good information for anyone curious bout how to imprive their own shop banner.

  2. I love this post and the feedback I received about my shop banner. I’ve been through so many iterations of my shop banner and am finally happy with my updated banner. When I first submitted it for review I didn’t know what to expect as far as comments went. I love that everyone seemed to see the same issue with my banner – cohesiveness of color. Once I made the small changes, I saw that my shop banner came together quite nicely. My cruelty free stamp no longer looked like the ugly old chair stuck in the corner of the room.

    Thanks to all who provided feedback.