Intrinsic Value

It can be a challenge to keep up with all the business news out there. I’m saying this as a small business owner and also as a business librarian. The Harvard Business Review Blogs are a source that always give me something to consider – often challenging me, and sometimes surprising me.  I was just glancing through the management tips and came across a few bits of news that bode well for Etsy sellers with a story.  Many traditional advertising techniques are simply not effective anymore, as consumers experience information overload. Consumers respond to this overload by gravitating to what is familiar.  The article goes on to say that its important to “tell a meaningful story through actions and products, not words in ads or statements.”

None of this is surprising to sellers who take the extra time to package their products carefully, quickly, and beautifully, or to those who work to develop long-term relationships with customers. It’s wonderful to know that something intrinsic to being a small business owner is actually part of our competitive advantage. It doesn’t erase the challenges of selling handmade and eco-friendly goods, but it does give the spirit a boost, does it not?



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