Daydreaming and Creative Problem Solving

daydreaming and creative problem solving

My business tip for you is one word. Daydream. Make some space in your life for sitting and staring into space. Let your mind wander a bit during these last weeks of August.

These moments are important periods of incubation, where our minds process unresolved dilemmas without interference from our more judgmental selves. There have been numerous articles lately on the benefits of daydreaming, and its relationship to creative problem solving. Many articles mention the “ah-ha” moments that often happen in the shower, and pose theories as to why this is. Is it that more dopamine is released? Is it that we can’t obsessively check our phones in the shower? Possibly.

We clearly benefit from submersion into a full-body sensory experience, which could also occur when swimming, getting a massage, becoming absorbed in playing or listening to music, hiking up a mountain, or many other activities when done mindfully. What works for you? How do you cultivate a space for mind-wandering? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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