Etsy Introduces New Listing Manager

A few days ago I received a message about the new Listing Manager.  It is available to all Etsy shop owners and I thought I would share some of my favorite new features the new Listing Manager offers.

Advanced Editing, Filtering and Sorting

We now have some additional options.  On the top right there is a section called view. You can choose to view your products in Gallary or List view. My favorite feature is the Stats button, just click it to view stats for each products.


We can check the radio box that appears next to the Renew button to select all our products within our chosen listing status, you can then Renew all at one, deactivate, or expand the More Actions to setup variations for the selected products, change the shipping profile or change the section. To the right of that you’ll see the sort feature, this allows you to sorte your listings by  Title, Stock, Price or Expiration.

Once you select the Stats button, status will appear for each product and include your total sold and revenue.  For me this is huge, because it allows me to see at a glance which products are my movers and shakers and which products I may need to improve upon.


Each listing has two icons on the right. The Star can be clicked to feature the product in your shop and the widget icon gives you the ability to further edit your individual product, including sharing and deleting the item.


Extended Search Capabilities

searchYou can search and filter your products by clicking a radio button to switch between Active, Inactive, Draft, etc.  You can also search based on featured listing, tags, and shipping profile.

If you stock a large number of items you can also use the search box to find specific items by name.

I like the new features of the listing manager, however, it does take a bit of adjustment for the eyes and can be overwhelming for some.  If you just hate the new look  you have the option to go back to the Classic Listing Manager by clicking the link that appears over the words Listing Manager in your shop.  However, I say give change a chance.  This is a nice change that can provide you with some great information about your products.

What are your thoughts on the new Listing Manager? Post your opinions and thoughts as a comment to this post below. 



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  1. I like that the listing screen is wider. You don’t have to scroll up and down as much to see the whole screen. I’ll just have to get used to the format.