Men’s Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts Ideas

21-DIY-Mens-Valentines-Day-GiftsImage: Crafting a Green World

Valentine’s Day is in two days. Are you planning to have a romantic dinner with your partner? Do you have a gift ready? No? Well, you have two days to get prepared! I know buying gifts is easier but don’t you think making gifts is so much more fun and personal?

When you Google DIY ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts, most of them are for women. Maybe it’s a bit tricky to make something for men?

Well, here is our favorite DIY site, Crafting a Green World to the rescue! And according to this awesome list, making gifts for men doesn’t have to be hard.

From Bath Scrubs (men take baths too, don’t they?), Kitchen Herb Gardens to Homemade Drinks, you’ll have no excuse not to make your sweetheart romantic (and practical) gifts this year.

Get your ideas here and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! ==> Crafting a Green World’s Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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  1. Hey Karen, might not be cool to admit it but as a guy I honestly think a DIY gift would be pretty cool-there’s only so many pairs of boxers a man can accept, the Jack Daniels soap dispenser sounds awesome!