My Favorite Spring Gizmos – Wings, Worms and Wonder

Kelly Johnson of Wings, Worms and Wonder

Kelly Johnson of Wings, Worms and Wonder

EcoEtsy Member Kelly Johnson of Wings, Worms and Wonder is an artist, author and creative garden guide.

Kelly’s passion is helping enthusiastic budding gardeners and journalers grow successful gardens and nature journal routines at home, school, and in the community – one seed at a time!

A graduate of Goddard College and the Savannah College of Art and Design, Kelly spent 16 years teaching children ages birth to 18 in both formal and non-formal educational environments and has dedicated herself to reconnecting children with nature.

Since leaving the classroom full time in 2010, she has taught arts based school garden integration and nature journaling in the University of Richmond’s Nature and Sustainability Institute and the Sustainability & Nature Symposium. She has presented this work at the Association for Experiential Education International, North American Association for Environmental Education International, Green Schools National Network, American Montessori Society, League of Environmental Educators of Florida, and Florida Learn Green conferences. Kelly has also taught many workshops on children’s nature connections and nature journaling, and has spoken at many schools, colleges, garden clubs, bookstores, and more.

She has authored a wonderful book Wings, Worms and Wonder – a guide for creatively integrating gardening and outdoor learning into children’s lives.

With spring (finally!!) just a couple days away, Kelly has put together a list of her favorite spring gizmos for connecting with nature. Enjoy!

My Favorite Spring Gizmos – Wings Worms & Wonder.

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  1. I have never done any nature journaling at all! and don’t even have a garden planner- you have totally inspired me Kelly!

    – Cat :)

  2. Thanks!!! I hope y’all find these fun “gizmos” and art tools helpful for creatively connecting with nature this spring!! What are your favorites?