Trash to Treasure Challenge: Earth Day 2015 #trashtotreasure


Team Eco Etsy is proud to sponsor “Trash to Treasure Challenge” to celebrate Earth Day 2015!!

Did you know?

  • Americans generated about 251 million tons of trash.
  • Americans recycled and composted about 87 million tons of trash in 2012 (that’s about 34.5% recycling rate)
  • Austria’s recycling rate was 60%, Brazil was 50%, and India was 40%

What kinds of waste did Americans create?

  • Paper – 27.4%
  • Food Waste – 14.5%
  • Plastic 12.07%
  • Rubber, Leather, and Textiles – 8.7%

CLICK this infographic for more info.

So what is Team Eco Etsy doing this year, in honor of Earth Day?

We are sponsoring Trash to Treasure Challenge for our members.

This will be fun, educational, and you can win prizes!!  Read below for the details.

Trash to Treasure Challenge Rules

  1. Who can enter: Team Eco Etsy Members ONLY.
  2. When: Monday March 23, 2015 12:00 AM EST  –  Tuesday April 22, 2015 11:59PM EST
  3. What type of “treasure” can be entered: The project must be made by YOU and no one else. You must use one or two major recyclable components and create an artistic, creative, or functional items that shows ingenuity and practicality for utilizing trash and turning it into treasure.
  4. How: Link your CLEAR and LARGE picture of the final product that’s at least 300×300 px. Upload your own picture from your computer on the linky tool. Use your shop’s main URL to link up.
  5. Who will Win?: The project that receives the most votes will be the Grand Prize winner! So PROMOTE, PROMOTE and PROMOTE your item so you can get the most votes!!
  6. You MUST upload the BEFORE and AFTER pictures on our Facebook Group here (If you are not on our FB group but would like to join, you can request from the link. If you are not on FB you can upload the pictures on our Google Group.)
  7. You MUST use the hashtag #trashtotreasure to promote the challenge.


  1. Grand Prize – ONE (1) MONTH advertising on the sidebar on the blog
  2. 1st Prize  – Three (3) weeks of advertising on the sidebar on the blog
  3. 2nd Prize – Two (2) weeks of advertising on the sidebar on the blog

The winner will be announced on Earth Day April 22, 2015! 

Good Luck!

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About Karen Lee

As a former Captain of Eco Etsy and one of the current leaders for the team, I am really excited to be hanging out with like minded team members to share ideas on how we can leave the least amount of carbon footprint.

I sell eco-handmade and vintage goodies in my Etsy shop and consult small business owners on Karen Lee Consulting where popular Etsy Starter Kit is sold. And as a retired Chiropractor, I share natural health news and green tips on Check out my past posts on Eco Etsy!


  1. What fun!!! I’m really looking forward to seeing all the entries. Now, to get busy with my entry!

  2. I just uploaded an image of a 3D portrait I made from stuff that was being thrown out or that I literally found on the ground. But as I was re-reading the instructions, I realized you wanted a “Before” image. I made it 3 years ago, and didn’t take pics of the components. So, I’m submitting a different project, this time, following all of the directions.

  3. This is a fabulous idea! Well done guys. I would love to enter. Do we add our names to the list at the bottom to say that we are entering?

    • I’m so glad you like the idea Morgen! When you are done with your project, you can enter the item’s image and add your shop’s URL.

  4. Can’t wait to see what the team comes up with. We have a ton of creative members.

  5. EXCITING! What a great idea! Need to start thinking ….