9 Reasons Gardening Is The Ultimate Mind-Body Workout

ManWateringThePlantsInHisGarden-850x400-1April is National Gardening Month, but I live in New Jersey and there is still a risk of frost here (and we are the Garden State, so what the heck?!) so although I am itching to get some plants into the ground, I am being patient.

My early pots have to be brought in every night.

I think they are growing tired of this (I know my back is!) and they have started talking back to me. After I tell them how strong and amazing they are for hanging in there during the moody temperatures of  April – I am hearing little sighs of  gratitude. I’m not kidding (plus I think they said they liked my gardening hat and no one ever says they like my gardening hat!).

George Washington Carver talked to plants. He would probably say something like “well, what are you for little fella?” and they would whisper their answer back to him – probably something like “well, I am a peanut and I taste great with jelly”.

Last night I slipped up and started talking to them about Luther Burbank (another famous botanist). Luther talked to plants, too. He grew plants without their spines simply by saying to them “you are safe here, you do not need your spine” – he then proceeded to grow these incredible spineless fruits – how amazing is that!

(of course, he would then eat them which is maybe the reason so many plants have stopped talking to us)

Anyhoo, here is an article on some of the many benefits of gardening. Talking to them (and maybe even more importantly, listening to them) helps, too.

9 Reasons Gardening Is The Ultimate Mind-Body Workout.

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  1. Thank you Cat for this lovely post. Now I’m dying to see your gardening hat! :)
    The weather in western France is still a little bit cold too. Luckily I have a greenhouse in my new home and was able to plant tomato and squash plants. I pay them a visit every morning and evening, but may be I should start talking to them as well.