How to Post a New Etsy Shop Update

Hey Peeps! It’s Myra and I’m back with an awesome post on a recent Etsy feature – called Shop Updates. 

Etsy Shop Updates

If you look at your Etsy shop, right in the Shop Info section, you will see Shop Updates.  This is a great way to promote your products and I’m here to help you learn how to leverage this new feature.

A shop update consists of an image and text.  The image you post should really show some part of your process of your product creation and the texts should read like a Twitter post – short, descriptive and to the point.  Here’s what a Shop Update looks like when you post one to your shop!

Herbanluxe Shop Update

Snazzy right?!? I mean, I got all excited over this new feature.  The little orange tag on the Shop Update image will take the viewer to the listing associated with the shop update when clicked.

So the Million Dollar  Question is,

How Do You Post a Shop Update? 

There is a catch…

You can’t post a shop update from your Seller Dashboard on Etsy! You need to download the Sell on Etsy app to your phone in order to post a shop update. Once you download and logon to the app, posting a shop update is super easy. I’ll walk you through the steps.

I’m an Android user so my screens will look bit different from your screen if you are an iPhone user, but the process is the same.

2015-11-12 12.58.39


1. Download and install the Sell on Etsy app to your phone. This is an app that is different from the original Etsy app because it is geared towards Etsy sellers.

2. Logon to the app and access the app menu. On both the iPhone and Android app versions, there are three lines on the top right of the screen that when tapped will open the app menu.

3. The Shop Updates link appears under Conversations.  When selected for the first time, it will walk you through guided information screens.  On the last screen there will be a button to get started using the feature.

4. Decide what you want to post in your Update. In other words, stage your image before taking it. Be sure you’re lighting is good – you want to take a very clear picture. I use a shop light with a daylight bulb which I clip to anything I can find to help brighten my images.

This is an important step. You can to make sure that your image will drive your visitor’s curiosity. People nowadays tend to be extremely visual – we live in a Pinterest, Instagram, selfie-taking world. Pictures are worth a Billion Words.

Take your images as if you were trying to get the perfect shot of your kid or that fabulous dish of food you just got. Set the tone.

If you need help with your photography, we have some great resources right here on the EcoEtsy blog and there are several other resources across the web.




5. Take your Picture. Once you take your picture you can move it to the left or right or zoom in on a specific areas of your image. You can also go back and take another picture if you aren’t happy. Once you are satisfied with your image, tap Next.










Shop Update Picture Taking

2015-11-12 13.04.00




6. The next screen will prompt you to Tap on the image to tag the associate listing in your shop. This is how the clickable orange E tag appears on your image. 










2015-11-12 13.05.52


7. Then write-up a short blurb about the image. Use a Twitter approach to writing your caption, but be sue to use keywords as these are important. Once you write-up your description you can post the update to your shop.  You can also share the shop update on Social Media right from the app.


So what are the benefits of posting shop updates?  I’ve borrowed the following the Etsy Seller App page on Etsy:

How do I post a Shop Update?

First, you’ll need to download the Sell on Etsy app for Android or iOS if you haven’t already. Shop Updates can only be posted from the app, using your mobile device. You cannot post Shop Updates from Desktop, though you’ll be able to view them on your Shop Home.

Who will see my Shop Updates?

Anyone who has interacted with your shop will see your Shop Updates on their homepage on the shopping app. This includes anyone who has favorited your shop or an item, or has purchased from you. Shop Updates will be displayed in a module on the Recommended tab of the app. Your updates will also be visible on your desktop Shop Home for anyone to view.

What types of photos should I post?

The Shop Updates feature is an opportunity to post images that differ from the 5 listing images you select when adding a new item. Be creative! We spoke to an array of buyers and found that they are most interested in seeing photos depicting how items are made or sourced, coupons or promotions, sneak peeks at new items or product lines, sellers’ inspiration for new products, and ideas for how items can be styled. Put your best foot forward when representing your personal brand and follow some of thesephotography tips from the Seller Handbook.

How will this feature bring more traffic to my shop?

Previously, there was no easy way to directly market your items on Etsy to potential buyers that have already expressed an interest in your shop. The more updates you post, the more often you’ll appear on the mobile homepage of people who like your shop. Secondly, when you’ve shared your updates to your Social Media channels, they’ll link directly back to your item on Etsy, making it faster and easier for buyers to purchase.

I’d love to hear your opinion on the Shop Updates feature. Are you currently using the feature? Have you seen any benefits from using the feature? OR are you not using the feature and why? 

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  1. Thanks Myra! I hadn’t had a chance to figure this out yet, and your description was very clear, makes it look very easy to use this feature.