I Tried OrangeTwig.com for 7 days. What Happened Next was Priceless.

At the beginning of the month, I was invited to check out Orangetwig.com. I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first glance I thought OrangeTwig offered a service similar to Indiemade – where you create a site separate from Etsy but linked.

This was not the case, OrangeTwig turned out to be something different and extremely useful.

Overall Ease of Use – Score ★★★★★

Before writing this post, I wanted to take OrangeTwig for a spin – you know, so I could figure out how to use it and explore its features. The learning curve was low, I believe that sites that say they can help Etsy sellers in any way should be easy to use.

I was able to connect my Etsy shop and sync it with OrangeTwig with a few simple clicks and text entries.

The site also have 5 icons that when selected take you to simple pages that allow you to manage your shop. When I say manage, I mean set sales schedule social media posts to promote products and view your social media marketing calendar and integrate your Etsy shop on your Facebook Fan Page.


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