Mustard Seeds and Tumeric

It saddens me to notice a spice rack collecting dust in a kitchen. For thousands of years, in cultures across the world, spices are not only a yummy addition to everyday meals, but also aid in our digestive capabilities and can help cure and regulate the body in a variety of ways.



Mustard seeds are known to aid the body in healing cancers, arthritis, migraines, congestion, blood pressure, menopausal relief and even asthma. While tumeric’s growing popularity is partially due to its known bioactive compounds which give it anti oxidant, anti inflammatory properties and are known for boosting brain functions.


One sure way to add a dose of both these amazing spices into your meals is to create a raw mustard sauce for dipping a variety of yummy treats. The following is based on a recipe I use from the Raw Food cookbook by Erica Palmcrantz and Irmela Lilja.





You will need:

1 cup mustard seeds (yellow or brown) soaked overnight

1 tablespoon salt

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1/2 cup of vinegar-free pickle juice or sauerkraut juice

1 teaspoon tumeric



First soak your mustard seeds overnight and rinse. Then blend the seeds with vinegar, salt and pickle juice in a blender. Add tumeric and stir. Store in a glass jar with lid. Give it a shake and let it “yeast” at room temperature for 2 days in a sunny window.





This mixture will last about a month. What type of foods do you enjoy mustard most with???



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