Aquarian Bath: How to Dye Hair Red Naturally with Henna Powder

dye hair red with henna

dye hair red with henna

If you are among the 7 in 10 women now coloring your hair it could be a good idea to think about the chemicals that go into this process. If you use a synthetic dye what is actually happening is you are opening up the hair’s cuticle and the chemicals get inside the hair and change its color. These same chemicals also penetrate your skin and go into your bloodstream.

There are some natural alternatives (including not coloring, of course – gray is super hot now!).

One alternative is Henna which simply stains the outside of each individual hair and then fades gradually over the next few weeks or months.

Lucky for us, EcoEtsy Team Member Cory Trusty of Aquarian Bath knows a thing or two about henna!

Cory says, “Henna Powder was used in ancient times as a hair dye in countries where it grew natively. In the late 1800’s it also became popular as a hair colorant in Europe. Henna can be mixed with other herbs to achieve other colors – for example Indigo Powder can be added to darken the color.

It’s a native shrub in Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Palestine and  Syria where plants may reach 8 to 10 feet high or more. The henna plant can also be grown in the United States in USDA growing zones 9b, 10a, 10b, and 11. It likes full sun and needs to be taken inside when the weather gets cold. It can also be grown indoors. Cultivation is possible from cuttings or seeds.”

She has a wonderful blog post on how to dye hair naturally with henna below (as well as some more information on henna here).  Cory’s shop Aquarian Bath offers unscented Henna shampoo bars - the henna provides added conditioning, but it does not deposit color into the hair. She also offers red henna powder in biodegradable compostable cellophane bags at Aquarian Bath- raw henna is made into a paste that stays in the hair for 30 minutes or longer in order to stain the hair. Her instructions are here:

Aquarian Bath: How to Dye Hair Red Naturally with Henna Powder.

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