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Coca-Cola Sea Glass Leather Necklace by revetro

Coca-Cola Sea Glass Leather Necklace by revetro


Happy almost end of summer for most of you out there!  It’s been an adventure on my end and the fall is teeming with possibilities.  It’s been an adventurous year for me and lots has changed and changed back.  In all of this change I have learned things about myself, discovered new things and recognized how important my core values are and have decided to dedicate more time to educating myself and evolving.

Those things that speak to me time and time again are beauty, fun, and responsibility.  Fun being the intertwining of all… Color, contrast, crisp or blurred, up-cycled, thoughtful, and simple.  I tend to see the connectedness of these things… the metaphors and bigger picture that speak volumes.  These finds represent my stance on sustainability, beauty and whimsy.  My first find this month is an elegant re-purposed necklace made from old coke bottle glass.  I love the way Revetro captures the beauty of her product with pictures.  Precisely writing a story of what used to be… a little blurry in the background and the new in the foreground.  Love it.

Cat toy for children by WoodlandTale

Cat toy for children by WoodlandTale


Play is ultra important.  It is how children learn and in mind, how adults do as well.  Playing makes it all worth it to me.  Forgetting your worries finding something you want to do with people you want to do them with… and dancing in the rain.  These plushies are whimsical, fun and of course eco friendly.  You’ll love them… or your children will, or your friends will.


Lotus and Om sterling silver necklace by HouseofMetalworks

Lotus and Om sterling silver necklace by HouseofMetalworks

And gentle simple reminders for ourselves and those around us…


It is an honor to be part of this team and we enjoy your support and encouragement.  All of these items are handcrafted with love by our Eco Etsy team.  Keep on greening on.  Comments? Questions?  All are welcome.  Thanks for clicking.  Peace out : )

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Nicole from turquoisemama

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