Eco How To: Reusable Coffee Filters

Tutorial submitted by winkydinks Here’s a simple way to reduce your daily waste stream: use reusable coffee filters! You can also use filterless systems, permanent reusable filters, or a french press, but some people prefer the taste of coffee that has been filtered. The great news…you can make one in less than 10 minutes with [...]

Themed Nomination Winners – Year of the Tiger

This week’s theme was some Year of the Tiger inspiration the EcoEtsy way. Thank you to everyone who submitted their nominations! This week’s winners are: BeedSeedandTwine’s amazing necklace created from jute twine nominated by Tamdoll!. TwilightVision’s gorgeous fire feather earrings which reminds HeartofNature of the fire the tiger fends off from households! Some other amazing [...]

Themed Nomination – The Chinese Year of the Tiger

Last week ushered in a new Chinese year – the Year of the Tiger! The Chinese use the lunar calendar for celebratory events like the New Year. The cycle of twelve repeating animal signs originates from Chinese tradition as a way of naming the years. Every animal has particular characteristics and people born in a [...]

Eco How To: Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) Recipe


Tutorial submitted by Herban Life Style While shopping at Hana Market in DC, I picked up some supplies to make onigiri, with the idea that I would try my hand at making these simple, delicious rice balls. This included short-grain brown sushi rice, large flat sheets of nori (dried seaweed), furikake (in this case, a [...]

Themed Nomination Winners – February Birthday Smackdown

This week’s Themed Nomination was to choose your favorite movie actress birthday girl : Molly Ringwald vs. Drew Barrymore, pick one of their movies and then find a team member’s item to represent the movie. Looks like Molly won by a knockout! Pretty in Pink ruled the day and inspired RetroLabs to nominate this absolutely [...]