Themed Nomination Winners: Eco Gift Wrap

It’s a tie!! The winners for this week’s Themed Nomination- Eco Gift Wrap are: kelsodoesntdance‘s Dictionary Gift Tags chosen by StrandRedesign and our awesome resident scientist, Cat at uncorked. Also, goodtogoeco‘s Gift wrap on the go – Furoshiki nominated by DinnerTimeChimes and ecokaren. Thanks so much to everyone who sent in nominations, next week’s theme […]

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Themed Nominations: Wrap it up! Eco Gift Wrap

Happy Holiday Season!! As many of us are putting the last minute touches on the gifts, I thought we could dedicate this week’s Themed Nominations to Eco Gift Wrap. Check out the beautiful cloth gift bags above by TrilliumArtisans made from reclaimed fabrics. I love the idea of giving gifts to loved ones in packaging […]

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Eco Tutorial: Holiday How-to!

Submitted by ChakraPennywhistle There are so many wonderful, eco-friendly tutorials this season! Below, you will find links to everything from green gift wrap ideas to the sweetest recycled cereal box houses. Green Your Holiday Gift Wrapping by Sweet Greens 18 Days of Festive Freebies by Creature Comforts Alternative Wrapping by Furious Shirley Cereal Box Houses […]

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Featured Member: AnnyMay

Shop: and Facebook: How did you get started in your chosen craft?I have been sewing for 15 years. But I began to enjoy myself when I made my first rag doll for my children. I was surprised with the popularity of this doll! She was not perfect, but children liked her very […]

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Eco Tip of the Week: Replacing Plastic Baggies

Eco tip submitted by winkydinks Reusable Cloth Sandwich Bags by RosyUndPosy Did you know you don’t need to use a handful of Ziploc baggies every time you pack a lunch? There are LOTS of options out there to replace them. My son recently started bringing his lunch to preschool, and I’ve gotten quite a few […]

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Featured Member: Winkydinks

Etsy shop: Blog: Twitter: How did you get started in your chosen craft?I started cloth diapering with my youngest son, and found a free pattern to make my own fleece soakers (i.e., waterproof covers). I made quite a few for myself and friends, and they convinced me to start selling them! Now […]

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Eco Tip of the Week: Can it!

Eco tip submitted by FunkyMonkeyCompany Recycled Tin Jewelry by Wearwolf I save empty cans (coffee cans & veggie cans), interesting bottles and old cigar boxes for different things. 1. I use coffee cans and bottles as organizers. I make cozies out of old or orphaned socks. If they are interesting and colorful I don’t cover […]

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