Letting Nature Work for You — Part II: Beauty Isn’t A Beast!

Good morning friends and fans of all things planet! I’m back with the second part of the three part series on how natural elements can be used as fabulous and effective home remedies! Today’s focus is on beauty and body care. Before we go any further however I’d like to lay out the same disclaimer […]

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News & Views — Is Our Local Newspaper In Danger of Extinction?

When I was a little kid I can distinctly remember Sunday mornings over at my dad & grandparent’s house.  My dad and great aunt lived on the first floor, grandparents upstairs, in a typical Boston style two family home and my sister and I spent most Sundays over there, hanging with my dad, after my […]

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News and Views — Gulf Oil Spill and How it Effects You

With the damage already done in the United States Gulf Coast region now the furious race is on to clean up the 210,000 gallons of oil spilling out of a tube every day into this area of the world. It has been kept somewhat quiet on the state of emergency scale but to me there […]

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Introducing Karen and Jenn — News and Views Co-Editors

Good morning Greenies! It is with great pleasure that I am typing up this post right now to introduce you to Karen of Karen Meyers, one of a kind upcycled, vintage and recycled woolen accessories, and Jenn (me) of Chucka Stone Designs, funky and functional fabric and faux. *waves to everyone* Karen is a creative […]

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