Walking in the Moonlight

Kanelstrand Photo 1

Winter Gardens A  North Idaho garden at  this time of year is a space of silence and rest.   The snow lies heavy and cold over the garden. A  few stalks of the giant sunflower stand skeletal against the barren snowscape.  As a gardener, I find the winter peaceful, but I miss the outdoor activity of […]

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{Food and Gardening} Zucchini Bread

The Crazy Zucchini The thing about zucchini is the craziness of its’ nature.  If you sow only one zucchini plant, it dies of loneliness.  If you plant two zucchini plants, you die of zucchini overload.  It is most difficult to find a happy medium with the ubiquitous veggie.  And if you have so foolishly and exuberantly […]

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{Food and Gardening} Summer Garden


August The dog days are here.  The heat of the day is intense, lasting well into the evenings.  The gravel road is dusty and the sunflowers are coated with a filmy layer of airborne soil.   And speaking of dogs, the Labs lie under the house in the dark and cool earth,  emerging only after dusk […]

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{Food and Gardening} Here Kitty Kitty


Christmas Cat Charlie arrived under somewhat comical circumstances.  “A cat that looks like Garfield” was the first item on my then 6 year old daughters’ Christmas list.  Although Santa Dad initiated a ‘No Pets for Gifts’ policy, sure enough, someone gave her a damned cat.  A neighbor discovered a marmalade kitten in her barn and […]

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{Food and Gardening} A Gift from the Garden

june 1

The Gift Tucked into pockets of the garden are tufts of blooming chive plants.  Topped with anime globes of bright lavender, the slender stems sway in the slightest breeze, yet are tough enough to survive Zone 4 winters and sufficiently powerful to repel voracious deer.  I was gifted with a shovelful of chives by my […]

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