{Food and Gardening} Tulip Mania

tulip 3

Tu-Crazy If this were 1636, I would be a fabulously wealthy woman:  My garden is awash in the wild colors of the early blooming tulips.  Bright hues of red, yellow, pink and purple are clamoring for attention.   Splashes of magenta can be seen in between the green growth of the perennial beds.  The shyer soft [...]

{Food and Gardening} Garden Planning and Zoning

chives and bee

Garden Planning: Planning a garden, while very important, has never been my strong suit.  If a plant is free, I take it home, and years of being a plant slut have made an impact on my gardening space.   A  50 ft x 60 ft fenced area, crammed with herbs, perennials, old fashioned roses and [...]

{Food and Gardening} Refrigerator Saran-ity


Saran-dipitous Moment:  That moment or faculty of making a fortunate discovery by chance. The moment for me was when I peered into my 78 year old aunts’ refrigerator and saw no plastic wrap.  Anywhere.  It was then I  realized my complicity in swathing Mother Earth in sweeping wraps of name brand plastic.  Since my aunt [...]