Messenger Bag Tutorial by Re-Maine Wicked

Sunday’s posts this month will feature fabulous tutorials by our generous Ecoetsy members who have kindly shared their projects with us all. Thank you to everyone who contributed. This is going to be a fun and instructive month! Re-Maine Wicked shared the following tutorial showing how to make a messenger bag from all recycled pieces […]

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Ten Tips for Winter Heating

We all want to save energy and money this heating season. Greenwala published these ten ways that people make mistakes with their heating. I found them to be very helpful and will, for instance, not shut down my unused rooms any longer. Even with a constant flow of information about energy efficiency, homeowners make major […]

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Eco-Tips for Fall

Winter is getting closer and closer and with it are several things we can do to be a little greener. Some reminders for fall: Cooler temperatures mean that your tire pressure will be lower in the cooler mornings. Save your tires and some gas by making sure your tire pressure is correct for your car. […]

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Caution: Food Additives May Be to Blame!

When my son was a toddler I became very concerned about his nearly constant “crankiness” and about how much he would swell with even the most gentle of bumps. I could scratch a word on his forearm and the word would appear, swollen, on his arm and last for hours. Bumps on the head looked […]

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Eco Car Tips for Tree Huggers

I love Saturdays on NPR (National Public Radio)!  I’m a regular listener to so many of their Saturday shows including Car Talk. If you’ve never listened to Tom and Ray answer callers’ questions about car problems I highly recommend that you tune in some Saturday (10:00 A.M. on our local stations) and hear what you’ve […]

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Affluenza: A Major Assault on the Environment

I happened on this quiz while searching for an eco-tip for today. It made me think about consumption and exactly why we, at our home, have reduced our consumption drastically over the past several years.  Are you suffering from “Affluenza”?  From 1. Which of the following is comparable to the size of a typical […]

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STOP! Don’t Throw It Away!

Most of us are aware of the perils of consumerism and have made conscious decisions to buy used or not buy at all. We frequent our thrift stores and garage sales and use sites like Etsy (Eco Etsy, that is) to find goods made from “trash”. We use Freecycle, Craigslist and Ebay to find items […]

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Add Pizzazz to Your Switch Plates

Another great big THANK YOU to Linda, of A la Mode Stuff , for giving us this easy to follow video tutorial for decoupaging household switch plates. Taking magazine pages, food labels, photographs, etc. and using them to personalize light switch  and electrical plug plates can be a great way to craft with the kids […]

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Making Paper Flowers from Magazines

This is a great craft project to complete with the kids or on your own. What a great way to use a WHOLE magazine to create something beautiful! The completed flowers are suitable for decoration in your home, at your craft booth, a wedding, a shower…almost anywhere you’re decorating with “green” items.  If you have […]

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