A New Year…for the Birds

Buff Orpington

So what came first the chicken or the egg? A few years back my husband and I decided to have backyard chickens.  I use the word “decided” loosely because there was not a whole lot of thought put into it on our part.  One afternoon, we had a conversation that it would be nice to […]

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{Food & Gardening} Suburban Farming: Growing a Backyard Orchard

Wooden Box by KCsGlass

Do you have the desire to grow your own fruit trees, but don’t feel you have the space?  Look no further than the training method called Espalier. Espalier is the practice of controlling woody plant growth originally for the production of fruit, by pruning and tying branches to a frame so that they grow into […]

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{Green Living} Ode to the Clothesline

Living in my small Michigan town the coming of Labor Day marks the end of summer.  As we say good-bye to the long days and warm weather, I also say good-bye to my clothesline.  I am not a hardcore clothesline user in that I do not use a clothesline for my regular laundry!  Kudos to […]

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{Tuesday Treasury} Untitled


This weeks winning treasury goes to Elizabeth from betsyandbess for her untitled treasury!  Sometimes there just aren’t words to express true beauty!! Betsyandbess makes wonderful recycled accessories including items like this stunning wool shoulder bag!! This is the last Tuesday Treasury of 2011!  See you in 2012!! 3 total views, 1 views today

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{Tuesday Treasury} Rustic last minute gifts


This weeks winning treasury goes to Fianaturals for Rustic last minute gifts! Fianaturals makes wonderful jewelry like these red earrings. Make sure to check out these other wonderful treasuries! Hot Cocoa and Hot Pink by Christine of RusticCarvings and It’s a Marshmallow World by Sarah of PinkTreebySarah. Shop Team EcoEtsy for your last minute gifts! […]

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