{Business Tips} Don’t Fear Vacation Mode!

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I first opened my Etsy shop a year and a half ago, though spent a good 6 months reading everything I could in the forums to learn best practices, prevent pitfalls and get my shop started off on the best foot possible before listing my first item. One of the things I quickly heard (and […]

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Running Multiple shops


It’s not uncommon to hear from new sellers on Etsy that running a shop and their own business takes much more work and time than they ever anticipated.  “I work more than I ever have in my life,” is a sentiment often mentioned in the forums or heard from fellow sellers. So one might concur […]

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Etsy Resources, Part 4: Etsy Apps

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In case you haven’t noticed from the myriad of posts that I’ve written over the past couple of months, there are a LOT of incredible resources available to sellers on Etsy.  To recap so far, we covered: Part 1: Alchemy & the Forums Part 2: Pounce, Etsy Emails/Newsletters & The Storque Blog Part 3: Treasuries […]

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Etsy Resources, Part 3: Treasuries & Virtual Labs

From ChuckaStone

So in case you missed it, in Etsy Resources, Part 1, I covered Alchemy and the Forums; in Part 2 of Etsy Resources, I covered Pounce, Etsy Emails/Newsletters and The Storque blog.  In a continuing effort to make you aware of the myriad resources available to sellers on Etsy, I’m continuing the series, this time […]

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Etsy Resources, Part 2: Pounce, Etsy Emails and The Storque


As the second part of a mini-series on Etsy resources, we’re going to explore 3 more areas, specifically Pounce, Etsy emails and The Storque.  You may not be aware of all the great information you’re missing out on! For those of you unfamiliar, Pounce is a feature on the front page and it serves two […]

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Etsy Resources, Part 1: Alchemy and the Forums


We all know that Etsy is the place to buy and sell handmade goods, vintage finds and craft supplies, but as a seller, do you take advantage of the various resources that Etsy offers? There are a myriad of resources and to cover them will require several posts.  As such, we’ll focus on 2 areas […]

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Guest post: Using “Redirect” to Make Your Website a Hub for Your Shop

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Today’s post is by Amy, the Team Graphics Designer of EcoEtsy. She is the owner of Ojami on Etsy where she creates altered Bento Boxes and sells Sashiko (Japanese running stitch embroidery) supplies. You can contact her through her shop, blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Many Etsy shop owners have multiple Etsy shops or shops on […]

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Aligning business with charity


The decision to donate money to charitable causes is a personal one.  But the decision to donate a portion of the proceeds of your shop can run the range of emotions from feeling honor and pride at helping a deserving cause to shame at promoting it as some consider it distasteful to mention these things. […]

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Do promo/discount codes work?

From Robynas

My last post regarding whether or not to include freebies with orders mentioned an alternative idea to include promotional/discount codes if a shop owner was unable to or unwilling to include freebies.  This post will explore that topic a bit more to determine if this type of marketing strategy works to bring in more sales. […]

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