Time Management Tips for Shop Owners

From Uncorked

As we all know, running your own business requires you to be diligent, productive and focused in order to make money.  And managing your time effectively and efficiently is equally important for those who rely solely on their shops for income as well as those who have full-time day jobs and need to be especially [...]

Introducing our new co-editors!


Hello team!  Today I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the new co-editors that have joined me on the business tips front: Lori of Lorigami and Myra of AnarchyinBeauty Myra of AnarchyinBeauty is a single mom of three girls  and an instructional designer by profession.  Growing up in Puerto Rico, she developed [...]

Pricing your work

A lil' self promotion from the author never hurt anyone ;)

Pricing your goods for sale on Etsy is a sticky subject and so often a personal one.  How do you price fairly, yet give yourself a fair wage?  Many Etsians are said to be underpricing their handmade goods which affects the community as a whole.  There are ways, however, to price your items reasonably, allowing [...]

Facebook as a Promotional Tool


As we all know, just making a great product doesn’t get it sold – you need to market it.  And sure, we have an advantage being on Etsy where buyers come to and can find us.   However, that often is not enough.  To really be successful, we often need to market ourselves outside of Etsy [...]

Business Shortcuts – etsyhacks


One of the things that surprised me most about opening up my shops was the time it would take to do all the other stuff besides creating: listing, taking good, artistic photos, bookkeeping, etc.  All those tasks can take the wind out of the sails of creative souls like ourselves, but there are tools, tricks [...]